Monday 16 September 2019
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I-AM  A life leadership program that is designed to allow you to experience and discover your true infinite SELF... and eliminate FEAR, self-doubt, low self esteem, low self-love, stress, anxiety, toxic relationships and anything that is limiting you from being your highest self!

I-AM A life leadership program that is designed to allow you to experience and discover your true infinite SELF... and eliminate FEAR, self-doubt, low self esteem, low self-love, stress, anxiety, toxic relationships and anything that is limiting you from being your highest self!

What's it about?

I-AM is one of the most Powerful online Live courses you will ever attend to get you back to the Real YOU. Hosted by one of the most exceptional and life changing Mentors and Life Coach KriShiv AnantaGuru at ASK LIFE CLARITY. ASK LIFE CLARITY spent 3 amazing weeks in Jersey and with exceptional transformations with one to one support and workshops and we do the same with our amazing online live courses, webinars and online ones to ones globally. You can check out all our amazing reviews on our website, under ask and learners and reviews.

This amazing Online course will be starting Sunday July 28th for 2.5 hours at 10.00 am from the comfort of your own home and every Sunday after that for 4 weeks. (4 week course starting 28th July) Live online Course....

Do not miss this outstanding I-AM course with KriShiv AnantaGuru it will change and turn your life around for the better in all the ways stated below in the benefits.......How could you not want all these benefits......for YOU. After reading the benefits at the end of the page you will see the link to find out more and claim your spot NOW and catch the Early-Bird.....


Benefits of each module of the course:

Identity Awareness & Clarity

Gain clarity about your true identity – who you really are
Understand how to ‘take charge’ of your thoughts & emotions
Understand how to eliminate your unhelpful habits, patterns, ego & conditioning in order to be your true self
Boost your self-acceptance levels dramatically
Understand that you are infinitely loveable, exactly as you already are.

Causal Awareness

Learn to identify what happiness actually is, and therefore how to be happy and stay happy
Understand what is currently motivating you to act, and how to act from awareness instead
Understand the difference between pleasure and happiness
Understand the difference between wants, needs and desires
Understand the consequences of being in a state of desire

Create Meaningful Relationships

Understand why the most important relationship you have is with yourself.
Understand the true meaning of love and companionship
Understand all the thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of having an aware relationship
Understand the conditioning from your own experiences that lead you into relationship patterns
Understand the blueprint for creating more meaningful relationships with everyone in your life


Understand the true meaning of living a successful life
Understand the link between growth and success
Learn how to be successful, not just every day of your life, but every moment of it
Learn how to eliminate worry, anxiety and stress from your life
Understand how to be confident in dealing with any challenges, and eliminate fear of failure

Gain Clarity about who you really are, your True Identity:

How well do you know yourself? Are you confident that you know exactly who you are? For most of us, we think we have a decent idea about who we are and where we come from, but what if this is totally false and we’ve been operating from a fake sense of ourselves? In this course, you will learn about your false self or ‘ego’ and how to start understanding your true self, your intrinsic nature. You will learn that in being ‘yourself’ you can take back charge of your emotions, functioning from ‘higher’ emotions that are innate within you (like happiness), rather than being a slave to the conditioning and patterns that have formed your ego throughout your life.

Understand how to Take Charge of your Thoughts & Emotions:

How aware are you about why you think, feel and behave in the way you do? Do you believe that it’s just the way you were born or it’s just your personality? In truth, our minds are actually governed by the way we have been conditioned throughout our lives. Nobody is intrinsically angry, worried, stressed etc but these are patterns we have developed through our interactions with the world. Trying to control these thoughts and behaviors can have a disastrous impact on our lives as we suppress them or try to block them out. Often, it can feel as if our emotions are in charge of us as we bounce from one reaction to the next. However, it is possible to stop this cycle and instead take charge of your thoughts & emotions! During this course, you will start to understand these patterns that you have been caught up in and realise that in creating these patterns, you also have the power to alter them. You will learn how to recognise your own patterns and conditioning, understand how you can change them and be confident that you can take full charge of your own life!

Understand how to eliminate your unhelpful Habits, Patterns, Ego & Conditioning in order to be your True Self:

Boost your Self-acceptance levels dramatically:

Do you fully accept yourself exactly as you are right now? If not, why not? If you understood your true nature you would be amazed by yourself and who you truly are. But so many of us labour under a false illusion that we are too fat, or too stupid or not good enough at x, y & z and get caught up in this pattern of non-acceptance. During this course, you will learn to understand yourself more clearly and more truthfully, separating the false images we have of ourselves from the reality. In doing this you will create a deeper level of self-acceptance and in accepting yourself more fully, you will automatically start loving yourself more. There really is no time to lose! We all deserve to be fully in love with ourselves, and this is based on having acceptance of who we are, so sign up today in order to start this journey of discovery.

Understand that you are Infinitely Loveable, exactly as you are already:

Do you feel you are loveable, exactly as you currently are? How many of us carry around these images of ourselves as ‘not being good enough’? How would you like to learn to love yourself fully, and recognise that there is nothing you need to change about yourself, other than the way you think? We spend so much of our lives believing in these false images, when in truth we are always good enough, and we are always fully loveable exactly as we already are. This course will help you to understand how we’ve all been conditioned to believe we are all sorts of things other than who we actually are, and in discovering this you will learn how to see yourself more truthfully for the beautiful being you actually are, and always have been. So if you want to fall a lot more in love with yourself, and start to believe and behave in more loving ways to yourself and those around you, what do you have to lose?

This is one amazing course NOT to be missed it's priceless for what you will receive from this outstanding I-AM Online Live Course see all our reviews on our website and see how others transformed with any life challenges. Don't forget to catch the early-bird before the 18th July and invest in something so meaningful that will set you up for the rest of your life.

Love & Light
Deborah Wood at Team Ask Life Clarity

When is it?

Sunday 28th July - Sunday 18th August

STARTS: 10.12 am

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