Saturday 03 December 2022
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Students’ achievement recognised in annual Prize Giving ceremony

Students’ achievement recognised in annual Prize Giving ceremony

Thursday 22 September 2022

Students’ achievement recognised in annual Prize Giving ceremony

MEDIA RELEASE: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not Bailiwick Express, and the text is reproduced exactly as supplied to us

Jersey College for Girls’ annual Prize Giving Ceremony took place on Friday 9th September 2022 in the presence of our guest speaker, Margaret Casely-Hayford CBE.

A British lawyer, businesswoman and public figure, Ms Casely-Hayford was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Honours list for services to charity and for promoting diversity in 2018, at the end of her term as trustee and Chair of international development Charity ActionAid UK.

During her visit, she and her husband Giles Quarm took part in inspiring Q&A sessions with our students. 

In her speech, Ms Casely-Hayford praised Her Majesty The Queen as a “feminine and feminist icon” who championed women at every opportunity.

Carl Howarth, Principal, reflected on the past school year, whose abiding theme had been “getting back to something resembling normality”.  

“We have been determined to persist and adapt so that our students and staff receive the true JCG experience, or as close as we could get to it at that time,” he said. “We are very aware that for our students, each year is their only year; you are only in Year 7 once and Year 13 is your final experience of the many aspects that make our JCG family. We owe our students nothing less than our best so we were ultra can-do with the mantra of ‘We’ll do it until we are told we can’t’.”

“JCG is a remarkable community, a partnership, a sheer delight to be part of and to be nourished by,” he added. “I would like to thank every single member of this College in whatever role you fulfil for enabling us to provide the very best education of character for our students and our love and care for one another.  I am so fortunate to be a member of possibly the best leadership team of any school and to be guided and challenged by the most compassionate and expert Governing Body led by Louise Read.  

“As we look forward to the forthcoming year, our focus is to continue to strengthen our wellbeing.  To be active, to keep learning, to give of ourselves for the benefit of others, to connect, to take notice, to care.  We will be led by the science in fashioning our strategy, we will become a biophilic campus, will continue to challenge discrimination and be activists for a better world.

“But most of all, we will take care of each other for if we achieve what I know we are capable of achieving, we will astound ourselves.”


Here is the list of Prize Winners for 2022: 

Year 7        
Heather Dupre Cup for Junior Music                       Amelia Weber
Hassell Cup for Science in Year 7                            Clara Morris
Viberts Jersey Lawyers Trophy for Endeavour          Freya Walker
Babbage Computing Prize                                      Phoebe Wild

Year 8        
Junior Roberts' Memorial Prize for History               India Chatterley
Leesa Sherry Cup for progress in Year 8                           Lily Glendewar
SG Hambros Prize for persistence/determination in maths   Mimi Carneyin

Interactive Data Mathematics Cup                        Poppy Mallet
Year 9 Geography School Prize                               Poppy Mallet
Nicole Berthelot Cup for Junior French                   Violet Summerfield

Year 9 
Junior Art Prize for Endeavour                                  Ana Rondel
Conservation Cup                                                   Aurelia Dop
Design & Technology Junior Prize                            Cassie Graham
Duret-Aubin Prize for best all rounder in Year 9       Cassie Graham
Food & Nutrition Junior Prize                                    Cassie Graham
Switch Digital Prize for Computer Science              Cassie Graham
Charlotte Dubras Cup for Junior Backstroke           Chloe Hansford
Determeyer Cup for Junior Freestyle                       Chloe Hansford
Junior Religious Studies Prize                                    Ciara McColgan
Bailey Cup for Junior Breaststroke                           Clara Ginnis
Lady Biddle Silver Salver for the Most improved swimmer                      Clara Ginnis
Ernie Mallet Shield for effort in Music                       Evie MacDonald
Junior Art Prize for Achievement                             Hana Maddison
McLoughlin Cup for Performing Arts                        Kate Meadows
Angela Stone Cup for Junior English                       Ketaki Sable
Ferguson Cup for Most improved Junior in Tennis   Ketaki Sable
KS3 Science Prize                                                     Ketaki Sable
KS3 History Prize                                                        Leila Pateman
Academic Music, KS3                                              Lucy Collard
Year 9 Geography School Prize                               Lucy Collard
Wickham Cup for Endeavour in Year 9                   Michaela Silerova
Gerard Le Feuvre Junior String Prize                        Nadia Vernaglione
Year 9 Modern Languages Prize                             Nadia Vernaglione
Karen Coles Cup for Endeavour and Effort in PE    Scarlett Crow
Mathematics Junior Prize                                         Sridha Sarvasiddhi
John Grimshaw Music Prize in Upper School           Summer Watkins

Year 10 
Liddell Cup for service to the School                      Aarya Patil
The Louise Dit Le Miere Award for Global Citizenship                            Aarya Patil      
Year 10 Modern Languages Prize                            Harriet Palfreyman
Textiles Junior Prize                                                   Lily Barker
Lovelace Plate for Computer Studies in KS4           Mariia Aguda
The Crowcroft Cup for Art                                       Mariia Aguda
Barbara Ahier Cup for Domestic Science in Y10    Polly Maloney
Lady Biddle Gold Medal for Senior Freestyle          Siena Stephens

Year 11      
Senior Art Prize                                                         Amelia Maddison
Henderson Green Design &Technology                 Anaya Kogi
Senior Prize
Alex Picot Trust Prize for progress and determination in GCSE Mathematics                    Ayla Hussey                      
Alex Picot Prize for outstanding achievement and excellence in GCSE Mathematics       Faye Peters                                                      
Year 11 Modern Languages Prize                            Faye Peters
Mrs Carter Shield for perseverance                         Freya Berry
Prize for effort in French in Year 11                          Hannah Pierce
KS4 Science Prize                                                     Hannah Pierce
Year 11 Geography Award                                     Lily Tieppo
Food & Nutrition Senior Prize                                    Maisy Pateman
Alice Nightingale Prize for enthusiasm and commitment to English                   Susan Bennett
Alison Christie Cup for Endeavour and Effort in PE  Thalia Fletcher
Joanna Satchell Cup for Religious Studies              Yasmin Freeman

Year 12      
Nicola Ross Cup for Senior Breaststroke                   Amelia Germain
Collette Augre Cup for Science in Year 12             Charlie Rowland
Rathbone Prize for Mathematics                             Charlie Rowland
Drama Department Prize for Tech Club Work         Chloe De Gouveia
Victoria Robinson Award for Community Service   Chloe De Gouveia
Jane Le Brocq Cup for Year 12 Geography           Eleanor Christie
Sixth Form Photography Prize                                  Eloise Peace
Amanda Scott Warren Cup for Sixth Form Art        Emily Le Masurier
Gerard Le Feuvre Senior String Prize                        Jessica Palfreyman
States Silver Medal for French                                 Jessica Palfreyman
Textiles Senior Prize                                                   Kimberly Reddy
Centenary Travel Prize                                             Lucy Chambers
Methodist award for Courage and Compassion   Ryanna Clifford
Morgan Henry Birch-Reynardson Prize for Physical Sciences                   Ryanna Clifford

Year 13      
Craft Prize                                                                Alice Le Chevalier
Mathematics Senior Prize                                        Anna Edelenbos
Monica Becquet Prize for Music                              Anna Edelenbos
Moore Stephens Prize for sustained academic effort     Anna Edelenbos
Elena Bossy Prize for Inspiration to other students   Athena Allbut
Year 13 Geography Award                                     Beth Cooper
Vicki Luff Shield for Drama                                       Bethan Thomas
Gruchy Cup for Effort and Achievement in A Level Chemistry           Bethany Freeman      
JFSC Award for Excellence                                      Bethany Freeman
Joy Thompson Year 13 Prize for Effort and Improvement                     Cara Buesnel  
Senior French Prize                                                   Cloe Duggan
Sixth Form Art Prize for Achievement                       Cloe Duggan
Bertram Cup for most promising actress                 Eleanor Bayford
Bois Cup for Gymnastics                                          Elisha Stott
Coates Cup for Butterfly                                          Elizabeth Woodward
Senior Backstroke Cup                                             Elizabeth Woodward
Design & Technology Senior Prize                            Ellie Daniel
Outstanding progress in Sixth Form Photography Prize                        Emily Fernando
Carnegie Cup for Progress in Tennis                        Emily Frost
JCGA Centenary Award                                           Emily Frost
Muffin Prize for endeavour in Chemistry                  Emily Frost
Hawksford International A2 Psychology award      Erin Creedon
Agathangelou Cup for Badminton                         Grace Rentsch
JCGA Student Prize                                                 Hannah Bird
Sabey Shield for Drama                                           Hannah Bird
Daphne Coutanche Memorial Trophy for hard work in French             Hannah Read
Jill Cartwright Cup for Science                                Hannah Read
Rosemary Geller Trophy for Personal and Social Development                      Hannah Read
Sarah Quenault Cup for Netball                             Hope Herridge
Mary Preston memorial prize (for Geography Coursework)                                  Isabel Jacques
History of Art Prize in Year 13                                    Isabella May
Caroline Dorey Rose Bowl for Hockey                     Isabelle Heelis
Georgina Vinrace Cup for PE                                  Isabelle Heelis
Prefect's Cup for English Essay                                 Isabelle Heelis
Lola Garvin Cup for Modern Languages                Josephine Peel
Diana Birch-Reynardson Prize for Biology                Kate Jubb
Yvonne Fleming Award for sustained positive attitude                     Kate Jubb
Waymouth Cup for Athletics                                   Katie Le Rougetel
Sara Johns Cup for Sixth Form Shakespeare           Kayleigh Lennon
Senior Spanish Prize                                                  Kayleigh Lennon
Geomarine Prize for Design Innovation                   Lily Buckley
Longson Cup for All Round Endeavour                   Lola Gardiner
Senior Politics Prize                                                   Lola Gardiner
Senior Roberts' Memorial Prize for History                Lola Gardiner
Year 13 English Book Prize                                        Lola Gardiner
Geomarine Prize for the best achievement in A2 Product Design           Maeve Lambert
Media Studies Senior Prize                                       Naomi Balderson
English Prize for endeavour                                      Naomi Balderson
BWCI A Level Maths Award                                     Nikita Handel
Clarivate Business Studies Cup Awarded for Economics               Nikita Handel
The University of Winchester Prize for Academic Achievement in the Sixth Form                           Nikita Handel
Senior Economics Prize for Progress                         Rhea Fletcher
Isabel Johnson Salver for best all round contribution to music                          Ruby Clarke
Athena Albut Classics Prize                                      Siena Mawby
Academic Music Yrs 10-13                                       Sophie Kellett
Senior Religious Studies Prize                                    Sophie Leary
Eunice Le Seelleur Prize for French Essay                 Tamsin Hollyman
Head of MFL Prize for Best Italian Student               Tamsin Hollyman
Honorary French Consul's Prize for Linguistic Excellence in French          Tamsin Hollyman
Prefects Prize                                                            Xenia Crocker
States Gold Medal for French                                 Amber Wagg
Bois/OGA Award                                                     Hannah Read
JCGA Scholarship Award                                        Bethan Thomas
Sally Le Brocq Award                                               Beth Daly


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