Saturday 21 October 2017

Prison for cannabis grower who made a hash of community service

Thursday 16 February 2017

Prison for cannabis grower who made a hash of community service

A boastful cannabis grower who dodged prison by “a hair’s breadth” then subsequently failed to complete two Community Service Orders has finally been put behind bars.

Shaun Mark Carrel (26) was charged with three drug-related counts after Police officers found £10,000 and £25,000-worth of cannabis leaf and plants at his property.

In what was described as a “sophisticated” set-up by the Commissioner Sir Michael Birt, the Police discovered growing tents containing four cannabis plants, two purpose-built growing tents, with a lighting system, hydroponic feeding system, air extraction system amongst other specialist equipment at his St Peter address.

A substantial amount of Class B cannabis leaf and cash - £10,000 and £3,670 in two different areas – was also discovered.

Despite being, “…generally unhelpful to the Police” - including boasting that he had used more cannabis than anyone he knew - Carrel pleaded guilty to all charges, whilst maintaining that that he was only involved in “social supply” to friends.

But the “serious” nature of the offences was mitigated by the fact that Carrel had Asperger’s Syndrome, which led to him becoming, “…easily fixated on matters.”

He was subsequently given 210 hours of community service - equivalent to 15 months' imprisonment - and asked to undergo random drug testing to prove he had kicked his drug habit following a hearing at the Royal Court in January 2016.

In handing down the sentence, Sir Michael had emphasised: "I want you to understand just how lucky you've been...So if you do not do the community service properly, or if you do not do exactly what the probation officer tells you, or if you refuse to undertake the drug tests, or, of course, if you commit any other offence like smoking cannabis again, then you can be brought back here to be resentenced for these offences and if you are brought back, we see absolutely no alternative but to you then going to prison."

Royal Court

Pictured: The Royal Court, where Shaun Carrel appeared on three separate occasions.

This didn't seem to be warning enough though, as Carrel found himself back in the Royal Court less than a year later for having breached his Community Service Order.

Carrel was awarded a final chance to complete the remaining 180 hours.

"We intend to take one further risk with you. You must assume that if you are back before us again then all of your chances will have been exhausted," the Deputy Bailiff Tim Le Cocq, this time presiding, had warned.

"We are going to revoke the Probation Order, and we are going to continue the Community Service Order for 180 hours. You must comply with that order.  If you do not, no matter whether you think it is right or whether you think it is wrong, you will go to prison. Do you understand me?"

But by January this year, another "flagrant breach" of the Order saw Carrel back in the Royal Court again.

In his judgement, the Deputy Bailiff expressed disappointment that the man had toke-n for granted an order that was, "...already an act of mercy and leniency because you were convicted of very serious offences indeed."

"Despite this further trust placed in you by the Court, and all the help that you have received from the Probation Service by way of warnings, tolerance and support, you have again failed to comply with the order," he said. 

"We see no alternative but to consider that we have reached the limits of our patience.  

"Accordingly, we discharge the Community Service Order and sentence you to 11 months’ imprisonment."



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