Friday 18 September 2020
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REVIEW: La crème de l’ice cream

REVIEW: La crème de l’ice cream

Wednesday 02 September 2020

REVIEW: La crème de l’ice cream

This month, Harry Smiles sings the praises of the soul-soothing soft serve and reveals the milkiest bang for your buck.

With all this talk of buying local and supporting local businesses, I have been thinking about what my favourite Jersey produce is. This has even prompted several debates with my friends, which provided a welcome relief from all the talks about "it which must not be named".

For those a bit slow on the uptake, or who have lived in a cave since March, I am talking about that virus: the one which has disrupted our lives, locked us in our houses and left the economy in tatters… but enough of that, let’s get back to the main issue at hand.

Let me ask you the same question I asked my friends to answer: if you had to pick one thing from Jersey to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? I am not suggesting you eat only that thing until your dying breath, but if you had to pick between having Jersey Royals, Wonders or Crabs, which one would you pick?

After much soul searching and so many ‘pros and cons’ lists that I cannot count them, I came to the conclusion that my one and only Jersey wonder (see what I did there?) would be Jersey Dairy ice cream.


Pictured: One should never turn down a flake, according to Harry.

Unassuming at first glance, but there is really nothing like it! Done right, these treats are creamy and melt in your mouth. The smoothness of the ice cream paired with the crunchiness of the cone and flake – what kind of sociopath turns down a chocolate flake? – is enough to soothe the soul.

Ice cream is universally recognised as the official heartache medicine, but, if you ask me, nothing other than a Jersey ice cream will do. Hard day at work? Pop down to Liberation Square for a quick one. Sweating at a festival or local event? Find the ice cream van for a cooling treat. Enjoying a sunset at St. Ouen? Complete the tableau with a sweet cloud.

I’ve had my fair share of soft serves, but nothing compares to the Jersey Dairy ones, which is either a testament to the quality of the milk or the manufacturing process – which I would like to uncover for personal purposes.

I don’t know about you, but the hotter the weather, the more enjoyable my ice cream tastes. I know they are technically available all-year-round, but who wants an icy treat when the temperatures are nearing zero, and the wind is threatening to turn the soft serve into a face mask? Their seasonality makes them all the more special to me.

Now having bought ice creams all over the island, I can tell you they are neither equal in size nor in price! And while it’s not true in most cases (apparently), size does matter when it comes to ice cream!

If you are looking for the milkiest bang for your buck, I would highly recommend the Hungry Man at Rozel, St. Aubin’s Café or the ice cream van on the Avenue. Bonus: all of those come with cracking views.

Now, how many ice creams is the Government’s £100 going to get me?

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