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September 2023

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Binary is a number system that uses two digits: 1 and 0. 

Apply that to computing, and 1 refers to “on” or “true” while 0 is “off” or “false”

Apply that to thinking, and you get an often dominant feature of Jersey culture – in particular, its political culture – that doesn’t appear to be discussed or challenged enough.

We have always done this – we can’t also do that. Recognising this legacy means erasing that one.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait for our latest figures on consultant spending or Ministerial travel – we’re putting out a new and improved report later.

No, we can’t remove GST from period products – we’ve dotted free items around the island instead. 

But often the most positive, creative and exciting outcomes happen when you simply ask: why not both?

Why can’t we shake off the embarrassing label of being the last place in the British Isles with a tampon tax, and also make products free for those in difficulty?

And there’s surely a way to recognise our first female politician, Ivy Forster, prominently in town, while also paying tribute to the LG so beloved that two streets and a pub were named after him, Sir Colin Halkett (some inspiration may be found in the signage for Hill Street, which still references its mysteriously feathery past as ‘Rue des Trois Pigeons’…).

Brother-and-sister duo Hayley and Stephen Yu are a study in the possibilities that flow from unbridled thinking (Focus, P14). Their restaurant, Awabi (at Halkett Place, as it happens), came about two years ago from a simple question: who says fine dining should only be delivered in fine surrounds? The result is an affordable, yet Michelin Guide-listed hotspot which has quickly become so popular that people can be spotted sporting Awabi merch – and tattoos.

Meanwhile, by challenging why people of no fixed abode can’t access banking too, former Global AML Director Jonathan Groom was able to create a programme which has impacted the lives of more than 3,000 survivors of modern slavery and homelessness. In the lead-up to the next Moneyval inspection, he spoke to Connect about his new role leading Jersey’s Financial Intelligence Unit (Unplugged, P28).

Refreshingly, the Government’s new Export Strategy (Going global, P4) suggests a thawing in previous binary thinking around where we get our goods – and where we send ours to. After years of forgetting the possibilities our Gallic neighbours provide because “nearly everything comes from the UK anyway”, decisive moves to build bridges with France (not literally… yet) are being made. Though local producers think the strategy can go further.

Elsewhere in the magazine, and while we’re on the topic of binary, we’ve an excellent supplement this month on digital innovation (P33), while Chamber touches on our new ReAIlity too (P61).

You’ll also find our cover feature with Matt Goetz (No Ordinary Day Job, P52). Taking us through journalism, a hurricane and a smuggling tragedy, Durrell’s Head of Herpetology shares his incredible international conservation journey and explains why this summer’s Tortoise Takeover – which we’ve been delighted to support as official media partner – has done so much good for Jersey Zoo’s reptilian residents. 

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(Enjoy Connect.)

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