Friday 18 October 2019
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Returning post personal transformation to support others to overcome Traumas, Mental Health challenges and limiting beliefs to experience deep Body and Mind wellbeing

Monday 07 October 2019

Returning post personal transformation to support others to overcome Traumas, Mental Health challenges and limiting beliefs to experience deep Body and Mind wellbeing
Deborah Macken Wood is returning to the island permanently to support the Jersey community with mental health (mind and body) challenges and host powerful and transformational wellness workshops and retreats.

Deborah lived in Jersey for 14 years but decided to leave the island to find true meaning in her life and the lives of others, after hitting traumatic events in her life six-and-a-half years ago.  

Deborah moved to India and trained, studied and worked extensively for five years and is returning back to give back to the Jersey community.

A certified Stress and Anxiety Counselor, Trauma Release Therapist, Grief Counselor, Mindful Awareness Life Coach, Conscious Women Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Bodywork Therapist and Yoga Therapist, Deborah is co-founder of ‘Ask Life Clarity’ with a very strong purpose of serving humanity in any life challenges to support anyone who connects with her to move away from any challenges in their life that is holding them back. 

Deborah is leaving India on 14 October to return to Jersey after five intense, powerful and transformational years away to support islanders to move away from stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, depression, relationship challenges, abuse, phobias, career challenges, fear, phobias, health challenges, addiction, lack of self-love and anything else that is holding people back.


“This is my purpose and I can promise that I will deliver the best support to the island and fast,” Deborah said.

 “I returned to Jersey from India four months ago for three weeks to support islanders who are suffering with so many different mental health (mind and body) challenges with transformational results. 

“There are too many people suffering and on waiting lists in Jersey that need support now and I for one, six-and-a-half years ago, was also waiting. 

“If someone is suffering from any life challenges, they need to express them and understand them deeply, accept and let them go with clarity. Of course some people find it hard to face or let go of past or current challenges, which is why I am coming back to show how easy it is to move away from any challenges but the recipient has to be open minded and willing in order for change to happen.

“What I learned in my time in India were two things of utmost significance. One, you have to be the master of your own mind and two, the only true healer is your own body. We can at best support it to heal and therein lies the secret to infinite healing.

“Regarding the healing practices and techniques that I have learnt and mastered to support the healing in others, the basic foundation of all learning is, that the only true healer is the body.

“In India, I learnt, practiced and mastered techniques that can help reset our weak, dysfunctional or challenged body allowing the body to heal in the most natural efficient and permanent way. I have learnt a healing practice that has merged ancient wisdom of healing with the modern understanding of evolved consciousness that allows me to facilitate cleansing, trauma release, rebalancing, restoration and maintenance of the body and its life energies.

“Our purpose at Ask Life Clarity is so powerful in supporting others to live a better and more meaningful life. Why should people suffer any longer? Who wants anyone to suffer? We at Ask Life Clarity help to support so many that are suffering with any life challenges mind and body and of course people who want to grow and be their true infinite self.

“We are not born to suffer. This is not who we are. Instead of prolonging challenges, why not learn and understand why we are in these challenges in the first place? Once you do while connecting with me, I can promise you that you will get that clarity you so rightly deserve because once you have clarity you cannot go back and with that comes true happiness.”

If you want to connect with Deborah and book an appointment with her, you can email her at, WhatsApp 00353879183919 or visit her website by clicking here

You can also see the testimonials on how she has supported so many to move away from life challenges and move directly to the life they so rightly deserve by clicking here.

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