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FOCUS: States Members and their business interests

FOCUS: States Members and their business interests

Tuesday 07 December 2021

FOCUS: States Members and their business interests

In the wake of the UK scandal around Owen Paterson's lobbying for companies he was employed by, heavy scrutiny has been placed on politicians' outside interests and investments. Here, Express takes a closer look at the situation in Jersey.

Jersey's politicians are made to declare their interests on the States Assembly website, with the rules requiring a States member to register all interests within 30 days of election, and all shareholdings within 30 days of said shareholding being acquired.

Currently, "the requirement to register applies to all interests, whether received, arising, held or owned within or outside Jersey", though they are "not required to register any interest of his or her spouse or civil partner or cohabitee of which the elected member is not aware."

The Standing Orders of the States Assembly outline interests as including any employment, self-employment offices, directorships and partnerships.

This also includes shareholdings held by the states member of their spouse/partner/cohabitee, where "the nominal value of the shares are greater than 1% of the total value of the issued share capital of the company" or when the market value of the shares exceed what they're remunerated with in their States role.

Other interests which must be declared include land owned other than where they reside, any overseas visits, gifts given to them, anyone who sponsors them - in addition, the Orders invite members to declare any miscellaneous interests that might "reasonably be thought by other persons to influence his or her actions as an elected member.'

However, States Members could be forced to declare wider family interests in the near future, as well as even stricter rules on declaring UK land, with the Privileges and Procedures Committee bringing forward the proposal as part of wider changes to the States Member Code of Conduct.

Express has rounded up each politicians' shareholdings, investments and outside employment, drawing all its information from the States Assembly website, and any information is taken from the latest update on there.

All States Members were contacted last week and given the opportunity to comment on the subject if they wished - the responses of all those who wished to put their thoughts on the record have been included...


John Le Fondre - Chief Minister



Formerly employed by Le Rossignol, Scott Warren and Company (now Rosscot Limited) - consultancy arrangements in place.


El Tico Holdings Limited.  Stock listed as holding company for the property known as 'El Tico’ (not the company operating the actual restaurant). 


11 The Hamlet Gorey Jointly owned by Spouse and member of the family.


Honorary Secretary, Les Vaux Housing Trust. 

Lyndon Farnham - Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture and Deputy Chief Minister


Comment to Express:

"I think it is important that Jersey's Standing Orders are kept under ongoing review to ensure the rules governing members remain proportionate and up to date.

"Ultimately this is a matter for the States Assembly."

Employment offices, directorships and partnerships:

  • FCI Limited: Director, Registered Office: Tower House, La Route Es Nouaux, St. Helier,  JE2 4ZJ.
  • Gym Club (International) Limited: Director, Registered Office: Tower House, La Route Es Nouaux, St. Helier, JE2 4ZJ.
  • Yacht Hotel Limited: Consultant, Business Address: The Weighbridge, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3NF.  (Resigned as Director of Yacht Hotel Limited on 27th April 2018).
  • Blah Limited: Director, Registered Office: P.O. Box 179, 40 The Esplanade, St. Helier, Jersey  JE4 9RJ.


FCI Limited: Consultancy, holding, investment
Gym Club (International) Limited: Online gym access and membership.


Chant de la Mer, Le Mont Rossignol, St. Ouen, Jersey JE3 2LN.

Fields 1671, 1704, 1673, 1673A.

Ian Gorst - Minister for External Relations and Financial Services


Employment, officers, directorships and partnerships:

Chair and Director of Jersey Cares Limited, 19 Val Plaisant, St. Saviour, JE2 4TA


Dionne Gorst 100% Shareholding in Westview Hotel Limited a property holding company. 

His wife is a Director and the sole shareholder of Panama Hotel 1984 Limited and the Willoughby Hotel Limited


Joint hold with Dionne Gorst: Westbourne, Clos de la Mare, St. Clement.

Held solely Dionne Gorst: La Basse Touch, Evran, France. 

Gregory Guida - Minister for Home Affairs and Assistant Minister for the Environment


Comment to Express:

"I don't think we have much of a problem in Jersey now as decisions that could bring them an immediate financial benefit are completely out of the hands of politicians and protected by several levels of scrutiny. These complex bidding and procurement rules add a significant cost to the process, but it is certainly safe from corruption. We are, as an extreme example, even unable to specify that a supplier should preferably be local to Jersey.

"When deciding on a matter that might affect their private interests, for example taxation, Members of the States must declare these interests. Unless those are shared by a significant proportion of the population, for example taxation, the politicians will not be allowed to vote. A lot of publicity was made of the fact that a significant number of States Members are small housing providers (landlords, if you want to use the medieval term) but this only reflects the general population where more than 25% of households are also small housing providers.

"Finally, given the absolute lack of perquisites, the very average salary and generally low esteem given to our politicians, it would be very difficult to find good quality candidates for the job if they also had to forfeit all of their other activities."

Self employment:  

Wildlife Photography


  • Beauvoir Limited;
  • Fubine Limited;
  • Valenza Limited;
  • Alessandria Limited;
  • Caltanissetta Limited; (all above at Rue De Beauvoir, St. Saviour, JE2 7SN. and all Property Holding Companies
  • Vera SRL, Strada Pavia Mortara, 1, 27028 San Martino Siccomario - Restaurant Chain;
  • SCI Du Development Du Commerce De Chennevieres, 5 Rue Du Mail, 75002 Paris - Property Holding Company;
  • Marseillan Marinez Sarl, 13 Rue Diderot, 34500 Beziers - Property Holding Company;
  • Jersey Aviators Limited, Beauport House, L'Avenue De La Commune, St. Peter, JE3 7BY - FBO/Hangarage.


3, La Providence, La Vallee De St. Pierre, St. Lawrence, JE3 1PP;

Les Vieux Mielles, L'Ancresse, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5AU;

Field No. 358, St. Saviour, JE2 7NF (Agricultural).

Carolyn Labey - Minister for International Development and Assistant Chief Minister



Le Parcq, Rue Du Parcq, Grouville and associated land.

Russell Labey - Minister for Housing and Communities 


Self employment: 

Part time self employed Theatre Director and Playwright.


Owner of 31 Flanders Mansions, Flanders Road, Chiswick, London, W4 1NE.

Kevin Lewis - Minister for Infrastructure


Comment to Express:

Rather than comment on the theme of outside interests generally, Deputy Lewis gave more detail about his current interests, beyond what was already supplied online:

"I have been a St Saviour states Deputy since 2005.

Other interests.

I maintain St Saviours Parish Church Clock. No charge.
I am a Board Member of the Jersey Blind Society (Eyecan) Honorary Position.
I run the annual Jersey Film Festival in Howard Davis Park, (restarting 2023) all money collected to local charities.
I run the Jersey Winter Warmers, supplying Logs to senior citizens during the cold snap, no charge.
I am on call to drive amphibious vehicles during search and rescue UK. No charge."

Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Director of Cine de France Ltd.

Governor Jersey Blind Society (Eye Can) - No Pecuniary Interest.

Director Jersey Film Festival - No Pecuniary Interest.


Cine de France Ltd 95%

Judy Martin - Minister for Social Security


Comment to Express:

"I have no hard feelings on this either way. I have never been able to be employed and do the job as many employers don't allow that sort of time off

"I have known advocates or accounts or people running their own business obviously had an extra job. Personally I do think this can lead to not giving either job the full attention it needs."


Lives in an Andium property. 

Susie Pinel - Minister for Treasury and Resources


Self employment etc:

Managing Director of 'Miniature & Fine Art Conservation (Jersey) Limited. The company is wholly owned by her and she is the sole employee.


Managing Director of 'Miniature & Fine Art Conservation (Jersey) Limited. The company is wholly owned by her and she is the sole employee. 


No 4 Pierre Arrive House, La Colomberie, St Helier. 

Richard Renouf - Minister for Health and Social Services


Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

(a) LWR Law, Rutland House, Pitt Street, St. Helier, to which he is a consultant

(b) CAPPS Family Trusts c/o Ocorian, 26 New Street, St. Helier - he is one of the trustees of the trusts


Residential property known as The Willows Routede Millais St. Ouen from which he and his wife receive income.


Member of the Law Society of Jersey.

Scott Wickenden - Minister for Children and Education



John Young - Minister for the Environment



Self-employed consultant to the States of Alderney completing tasks, commenced as empoyee (June 15 - Sept 17)

Development and adoption of Alderney Land Use Plan. (or SOA BDCC and associated legislative changes to planning legislation and matters arising on implementation: States of Alderney, Island Hall, Alderney. Building and Development Control Committee)


100% shareholding of -

1) John Young Project Solutions Ltd,

2) Findhome (Jersey) Ltd, 

Gifts, Hospitality and other benefits:

1) Pension received from States of Jersey Public Employees Contributory Retirement Scheme.

2) States of Jersey Social Security pension.

3) UK small security pension.


Self- Rented out accommodation, 18 Clos de la Bataille, Grouville - semi-detached house.

Spouse - Beauport Villa, Beauport Estate, Rue des Genet, St Brelade, detached house.


Spouse: Employed by Ogier, law firm.

Self: Previously employed by Viberts Law Firm until 2011. Previous, employed by States of Alderney 2015 - 2017 


Richard Buchanan - Constable of St Ouen


Land: No. 2 Royston Villas, Havre des Pas, St. Helier, joint with his wife -  a lodging house which provides rental income.

Simon Crowcroft - Constable of St Helier


Self employment: Occasional Journalism, less than £500 per annum. 

Land: Flat 7, 2 Rouge Bouillon, St. Helier (joint-owned with spouse).

Mike Jackson - Constable of St Brelade


Comment for Express:

"Personally when I hear candidates standing for the States saying they won’t have any other role outside their States work rather disconcerting in the light of the salaries involved. It sort of indicates their aspirations.

"I appreciate everyone’s situation is different and age has a part to play however I ask whether it is wise to give everything up given the certainty of just a 4 year role and no guarantee of the salary continuing after that. It’s extremely high risk if one has a family to support. I think keeping other employment on the ‘back burner’ is wise for those who may not be retired as a buffer in case an election is lost.

"Notwithstanding that, the primary role has to be that of a States member and there is an obligation that one stands back where conflict arises. We regularly hear of declarations in the States sittings.

"I consider the system works as it is in Jersey."

Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Director of M.K. Jackson Limited, St. Aubin - Marine Leisure Business.


M.K. Jackson Limited - Marine Leisure Business.


Jackson Yacht Services, St. Aubin.


Trustee of R.P. Le Riche Curatorship
Deputy Launching Authority for St. Helier Lifeboat (RNLI)
Chairman of West Show Association.

Andy Jehan - Constable of St John

Andy Jéhan.jpeg

Trustee, Greenwood Housing Association Trustee
Billy Butlin Memorial Trust
Trustee of St. John Centre Trust, a director of St. John Centre Ltd
Trustee of Jersey Educational Trust (2015). 

All are honorary and there is no financial involvement.

John Le Bailly - Constable of St Mary


Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Dealership for 'Siromer Tractors' and Equipment, sales and maintenance.


His page reads: “None with regard to land. Perry Farm Cottages (let to tenants).”

John Le Maistre - Constable of Grouville


Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Gold Leaf Farm. A small farming business


Gold Leaf Farm Ltd. 


A farm with staff accommodation, flats and bungalow known as Les Goues, Rue de Catillon, Grouville.

Fields in Grouville G822, G184, G820, G821, G824 approximately 60 verges.


Member of Royal Jersey Golf Club. United Club.

Philip Le Sueur - Constable of Trinity


Gifts, Hospitality and other benefits:

Two tickets to Durell Rainforest Ball on 16th September 2017 (face value of £500 each) - offered by D.G.R. Slatter (Decorators) Ltd, one of the event's sponsors. 


He is a Freemason and a member of the Duke of Normandy Lodge in Jersey.

Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard - Constable of St Saviour


Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Organic Dairy Farmer 

Self-employment etc.: 

Dairy Farm - Organic 


Fields in St. Saviour 279, 283, 280, 282, 286, 281,142,144,117, 331, 284,5399, 401 St. Helier 1392, 1393 St. Mary 644, 645 Trinity 216 St. John 163,164, 255, 256 St. Lawrence 440 

Deidre Mezbourian - Constable of St Lawrence



Karen Shenton-Stone - Constable of St Martin



Voluntary Post Chair of ArtFund (Jersey) Fundraising Committee

Marcus Troy - Constable of St Clement


Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships: 

La Fregate Café (Trojan Leisure Catering Ltd)
Café Thai Experts Ltd - Thai at La Fregate evenings
Shuga Coffee Ltd  - Coffee Shop, Runnymede Court Hotel and Restaurant

Self employement etc.:

Troys Estates Ltd, resigned as a Director in January 2021. Works on an ad hoc basis for some project consultancy for hotels in particular. 


Ravenscroft, Jersey, Channel Island Property Portfolio - Purchase and rental of blue chip property in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man for rental, Ravenscroft, Jersey, Red Fund - Property purchases, refurbs and potential re-sales and lettings, Rocque Bay Apartments, No 10, 100% owned and rented to third party


Rocque Bay Apt. 10 - wholly owned with spouse and rented to third party.


Member - Jersey Hospitality Association

Member - British Institute of Innkeepers

Richard Vibert - Constable of St Peter



6 Gore Mews, Canterbury. Wholly owned by him and his wife. Gross rental of £16,500 p.a. received 


During building work which was undertaken in 2019, 20 + skips were hired from W.P. Recycling at a total value of around £2,000. However, on the initiative of the company itself, no charge was levied for the hiring of these skips. 

Deputies and Senators

Steve Ahier



2 Martello House, La Route de St. Aubin, St. Helier

Carina Alves


Comment to Express:

"I was a teacher before and I don't know what the future holds for me, so I have put on my declaration of interests that I'm a GCSE examiner and I do do that occasionally, and it's normally once a year.

"That's really to keep up my professional development and to make sure I am still up to date if one day I decide not to stand for election or I don't get re-elected and I think it's important I have that option available to me...

"My view is if you hold a second job and it ends up interfering with this, then there's needs to be a limit on the amount of time that you spend doing a second job - we've got some members that for example play in bands and they get paid for doing that.

"But I do think that members should be able to do have a second job or have a few hours if it means that it keeps up with their professional development if they've come for another career because you never know what the future brings.

"But if it's a job that's going to interfere, that's basically going to be another full time job, then absolutely not, that's unacceptable - it's impossible to do this job and have another full time job... 

"If you're doing this job properly, even having a frequent part-time job is difficult enough in itself. But I can understand members needing that."

Self employment:

Occasional maths tuition and translating services, GCSE examiner, expert marker.

Overseas visits:

In July 2019, the Government of Madeira paid her to go over for an event called Fórum Madeira Global 2019. 

It was a one-day event, 24th July 2019; they paid for flights to and from Jersey and a 2-night hotel stay.

In August 2019, the Câmara Municipal do Funchal (the Funchal City Hall) paid for her flights to Madeira to receive the Gold Medal of Honour of the city on behalf of the St Helier Funchal Twinning Committee on Funchal Day. 

They did not pay for any boarding – just return flights.

Lindsay Ash


Other employment:

Treasury Dealer at Nedbank Private Wealth.


Part owned 2 bed apartment at La Cala Hills in Mijas Costa in Spain. The other half is owned by his partner. 

Louise Doublet


Self employment:

Occasional fees for conducting Humanist ceremonies.

Miscellaneous declarations:

Member of NEU Jersey Branch (National Education Union)

Patron of Humanists UK

Vice-Chair of Channel Island Humanists

Her partner is a States of Jersey Police Officer

Sarah Ferguson


Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Director and Secretary - Biarritz Hotel Ltd. 


Lone Pine Ltd: Private investment company.

Four Oaks Hotel Ltd: Property holding company.

Overseas visits:

None apart from Commonwealth Parliamentary Association visits or Scrutiny visits to Westminster.


1. Chairman of Age Concern, Jersey.

2. Administrator, Le Marais Community Project Garden.

3. Treasurer, JSPCA.

4. St. Brelade's Bay Association (SBBA).

5. Vice-Chairman of the Sea Cadets Management Committee.

These are all unpaid positions. She has also worked with the Jersey Lifeboat Association (particularly its Steering Committee / Group and Operational Committee) to help with political matters. 

This work started on approximately 20th November 2017 was expected to continue until 20th March 2018 when propositions she had lodged relating to this work were debated by the States Assembly.

Inna Gardiner


Comment to Express:

"It is clear for me that when people elect you to the Assembly, they elect you to represent them not to represent yourself.
We, as States Members should not abuse this position and use it to further our private business interests.

"At the same time the skills and experience acquired by owning and operating a business need to be included in the Assembly.
The Assembly benefits greatly from skills people bring into public service from previous experience elsewhere.

"I also feel the Assembly should in principle seek to mirror the population of Jersey as closely as possible. To include people from all walks of life, farmers, teachers, lawyers and people who are shareholders or business owners.

"In essence we want to be able to include highly successful and productive members of our society in our government after they have proven their abilities in the outside world.

"This comes with a risk, "conflict of interest", which is balanced against the loss of excluding everyone with any possible, perceived conflict of interest from contributing towards the governing of our Island.

"We have a system to manage the declaration of interests. It is an established system which I believe needs to be continually reviewed as we will come upon potential conflicts of interest which were not possible before or we have not been aware of before.

"Having people with outside interests in the Assembly is not without its risks, however I feel these are risks we must manage if we are to benefit from the expertise these people bring to the table."

Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Director of the Supplement Store Ltd.  Owner & Director of Journey Boutique Ltd. 

Self employment:

Self-employed Consultant: Trade Names: SK Consulting: Business development, Executive coaching, Facilitator for communication & conflict management  workshops, Trainer in leadership development programs, Consulting for international companies in different aspects of cross-cultural communications & presentations. 

Companies: Bridge-partnership, UK, Cannassure, Israel. 


The Supplement Store Limited (Owned by her husband)
Journey Boutique Ltd (Joint ownership with her husband),
Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd:  2 Hahadarim St. Ashdod, Israel - Pharmagrade medical cannabis (her husband has 56,609 Shares 2.31 Israel NIS worth £27,561.22 as at 6 March 2019.) 


House owned by her husband: 2 Balmoral Villas, Drury Lane, St. Helier.

Mike Higgins


Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

A Director of Jersey International Air display a.r.l. - a not for profit company whose objectives are to support British Military Charities and tourism in Jersey.  He is not remunerated as a director.

Self employment:

He is paid under a contract of service by Jersey International Air Display a.r.l. to organise the Jersey International Air Display.


He is a shareholder in Jersey International Air Display a.r.l. a not for profit company.  No dividends have or are paid to the directors of this company. 


He is the co-owner of a piece of land in the United Kingdom which has a workshop built on it that is used by his brother. He receives no income from the land or workshop.

Rowland Huelin


Comment to Express:

"This is about transparency, and other interests can often bring experience that is valuable for decision making, and as long as those interests are declared and have no conflict in the day-today execution of your role as the member of the states assembly, then I see no harm in it."

Gifts, Hospitality and other benefits:

Ticket to Ashes Test at Lords on 15th August 2019 from Mr Gavin Breeze.


1) 50% share of flat in South West London;

2) Five cottages at Les Hetres; 

3) Fields 441, 442, 443, 440, 413, 414, 444, 445, 446, 446a, 451.


Committee Member Jersey Landlord Association.

David Johnson



Adjoining his principle home:

a) Le Grenier, La Foret, St. Mary

b) Les Grenouilles, La Foret, St. Mary

c) Le Boulangerie, La Foret, St. Mary

d) Adjoining field on Rue-es-Boeufs, St. Mary; 

Other land:

Maison de Haut, Rue des Fontaines, Trinity. 


Daughter is Chief Internal Auditor of the States of Jersey and son-in-law is Head of Investments and Charitable Funds for the States of Jersey.

Mary Le Hegarat



Small parcel of amenity land, surrey.  Quarter share of farm complex, La Presse, Rue De La Presse, St. Peter, Jersey.

Steve Luce



For charity he owns shares in the Biarritz Hotel, St. Brelade. They do not exceed 1% or £25,000.

He owns 60% of the shares in Luce Farms Ltd. This is currently a none trading company, being kept open for future use. 


Land let for cattle grazing and vegetable production. Sheds at Seaford not let.

There are four separate addresses at Seaford, all occupied by his family members (post Nov. 2018) 


He receives a monthly payment from Jersey Oyster Company Ltd.,  as a repayment on a loan.

Jeremy Maçon



Sam Mezec


Comment to Express:

"In the last electoral term I served on the Privileges and Procedures Committee, where I argued that the declarations of interests for States Members were not transparent enough. At the time, a member could put all of their assets in a holding company, and then just disguise it as "a holding company" on their declaration, without revealing at all what was in it or how much it was worth. That has now changed, and they are required to state what the purpose of the holding company is.

"I think this could probably be extended, with more transparency on where members are getting income and what they are doing for it. This should include how much time they are dedicating to it. In the past we have been aware of some members who would turn up to registration in the morning of a States Sitting, and then disappear for the rest of the day to run their business. The public have a right to know how committed politicians are to the job, because it should be full time.

"For the record, I do not have a second job, but I do occasionally take paid gigs playing music in nightclubs here. It's not much, and it doesn't get in the way of my States work. In fact, it is a release which definitely helps with my well being! But I don't think States Members should be entirely prohibited from having other jobs, so long as it has no impact on their States work or is helping them maintain a professional qualification. e.g. pilots have to keep up their hours in the sky to keep their licences.

"But States Members should be prohibited from taking on private interests which have a direct impact on their political work."

Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Occasional remuneration from playing live music in nightclubs or part of 'Flash Mob', there is no contract or wage, remuneration is shared depending on how often the band choose to perform

Overseas Visits: 

CPA BIMR conference in Cardiff - 2014.

Scrutiny visit to Westminister - 2015.

CPA BIMR conference in Gibraltar - 2017.

Scrutiny visit to Edinburgh - 2018.


Member of Unite the Union.

Kristina Moore


Comment to Express:

"Transparency and accountability are vital; everyone should be clear as to any second jobs or interests they hold and take an active approach to stating those interests in their declaration, so that it is clear where they might have conflicts.

"But I don't think we should prohibit second jobs. One of the most important things we have to remember, is the need to ensure there is a broad group of people in the Chamber to represent the diversity of the island community in debates.

"I am speaking to a number of potential candidates at the moment, but the salary does put many people off, as they have mortgages to pay and need to maintain their family's standard of living.

"The only way they could consider entering politics is by holding a second job, or having an income from other interests. I don't think we want to close that route down and therefore the focus should be on ensuring transparency and accountability with the declarations of interests that we have."

Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships

  • Director and Company Secretary of Dannico Investments Limited and Le Grand Cotil Limited, which are property holding companies. 
  • Trustee of The Stockwell Trust, which owns shares in JKEG Ltd
  • Director and Company Secretary of JKEG Ltd., a property holding and investment company. 
  • Landlord of properties identified in Section 7. 
  • None of the above roles are remunerated.


  • JKEG Ltd, Hamptonne, Rue de la Hague, St Peter
  • Le Grand Cotil Ltd
  • Dannico Investments Ltd
  • Grainger PLC, property and residential landlord. City Gate, St James' Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4JE
  • NameCo 810 Ltd, insurance underwriting business, 5th Floor, 5 Gracechurch St, London EC3V 0BT
  • Crow Hall Farms Ltd, agriculture business. Crow Hall, Bardon Mill, Northumberland
  • Dickinson Gleeson, Jersey Advocates, Minden Place, St Helier

Overseas Visits 

None other than those paid for by States Assembly or Government of Jersey.


East Hamptonne, The Coach House, The Lodge and La Cachette all adjacent to our home in St Peter, along with fields 624, 623, 622, 621, 620, 619, 567A, 567, 566, 565

A flat in London SW3
A house in Megeve, 74210 France
A share of Wellhope Moore, Northumberland

Kirsten Morel


Comment to Express:

“I don’t have a particular objection to second jobs or shareholdings, as long as they are declared, but I do believe that if a States Member has a second job, then it would have to be at a minimal level of hourly commitment because in my opinion, there is no way that someone can do the work of a States Member properly and effectively and have either a full or part time job. Being an effective States Member is more than a full time job in itself.”

Employment, offices, directorships and partnerships:

Edge Media Limited - Director - Provides copy writing and communications consultancy to businesses through Edge Media. 


Edge Media Limited - sole shareholder (100% of company)

Gloster Court Limited - property holding company through which he and his wife and own one flat (flat 8)

Steve Pallett


Comment to Express:

"I don't believe it is an issue or problem for any States Member to have a shareholding in a company as long as the shareholding is declared in that Members declaration of interests. It may be that a Member has kept a shareholding in a company that they previously worked for or remain as a Director and as long as that is not impacting on their ability to carry out their responsibilities as a States Member then that should be permissible.

"Merely holding shares, attending an occasional board meeting or providing advice to a company should not necessarily be construed as a ' second job' but if by acting as a Director of retaining a shareholding you are required to work for 10 or 15 hours a week for that company then I do not believe that is acceptable.

"If it's overseeing a business that a States Member owns and potentially doing the bookwork for example then I think that should be allowed as long as its not impacting on the Members ability to do what is expected of them.

"Having a second job outside of the States Assembly should not in my opinion be allowed. Whatever the role of a States Member encompassed in the past, I know from personal experience and from speaking to other Members that being a States Member at present is and should be considered a full time role.

"Taking a second job would I have no doubt impact on the available time of a States , whether in Government or in Scrutiny and with the level of remuneration on offer, the public expect their representatives to give the role their full attention and more sometimes.

"A review of the current rules and guidelines by PPC would be welcome to clarify issues around second jobs and tighten rules around shareholdings. I dont believe the sanctions for not declaring a shareholding are strong enough and States Members should be in no doubt that they need to declare all their business interests if they retain any.

"I also believe that candidates in a General Election should make it clear to their electorate whether they will be retaining other business interests outside the States. The decaration of interests does include shareholdings or interests held on a Members behalf and this should maybe be clearer as to what this means and what needs to be declared.

"As I say I do think a review of the current procedures should be carried out to see if rules do need tightening but States Members should be held to account if they do not fully declare their interests.

"I have seen a call for States Members private residences to be declared in terms of vale and that is I believe a step too far. States Members should be allowed a certain degree of privacy in regards to their personal affairs.

"Generally though I believe the current 'self declaration' system has worked reasonably well and is not unnecessarily intrusive."


Pallett Fibreglass Limited (currently not trading)


Ann Ruth Pallett T/A Bake Me A Cake. Supply of wedding and celebration cakes. 

Kevin Pamplin



None, though makes personal note that father owns and runs a small Jersey Royal business. He assists on a voluntary basis.

Jess Perchard



Trevor Pointon

Trevor Pointon.png 


Wife Jane Taylor Pointon owns field 11124 in St John.


Member of Jersey Pistol Club.

Hugh Raymond



Geoff Southern



Graham Truscott



Webb Holdings Ltd, A - B Stores, West Hill, Mont A L'Abbe, St Helier, JE2 3HB.

Property Holdings and commercial landlord. The registered company address is as above. There are no other companies or subsidiary companies belonging to, or in the ownership of Webb Holdings Ltd.

There are only two shareholders of Webb Holdings Limited. Mr G.J. Truscott - 6 ordinary shares and Mrs J.A. Truscott - 3 ordinary shares


A - B Stores, West Hill, Mont A L'Abbe, St Helier, JE2 3HB. Business Premises, Office, Shop, Workshop


Freemason and a member of The Royal Alfred Lodge in Jersey.

Tracey Vallois



Robert Ward


Comment to Express:

  1. "The key is real transparency on the lists of members interests.
  2. Second jobs that maintain professional qualifications are acceptable given the short term nature of the terms.
  3. Perhaps some rules around larger income second jobs is important. Members should not be logging into states meetings and then going off to run separate businesses. Not that i can say they do, just a check that needs to be there.
  4. There has to be clarity on 'political consultants" for organisations being in government. The recent landlords vote demonstrates this where direct lobbying within government change an in principle vote that was won to one being lost."


Wife is employed as a teacher at Highlands College.

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Posted by Jon Jon on
Maybe means test them now for their money from tax payer, some of this lot with homes elsewhere don't need the cash, should go back to the days when they weren't paid, they did it for the love of the Island not the ££££££££
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