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Duncan Cassidy, singer-songwriter: Five things I LOVE about Jersey

Duncan Cassidy, singer-songwriter: Five things I LOVE about Jersey

Friday 26 June 2020

Duncan Cassidy, singer-songwriter: Five things I LOVE about Jersey

If this songwriter was to pen an ode to the island he was born in, it would range from singing the praises of its quirky landscape to its delicious produce and rich history.

Duncan Cassidy recently released his first song - a tune about the covid-19 crisis, in which he sings his support for the NHS - over lockdown.

During "these unusual times", he has been kept busy working from home, as well as making an effort to get fitter, admitting: "I think it might have slipped off my original New Year resolutions list!

Since the release of 'NHS - the Real Heroes', Duncan has released another single - LDR - which is available on all the major steaming sites, and has promised more will follow.

For Express, he left songwriting to the side to list five of the things he loves about Jersey.

"As a local or a visitor there are many things to appreciate and enjoy about Jersey and I feel grateful to be able to share five of these things that particularly stick out for me below," he said...

1. Beautiful views, glorious beaches and a quirky landscape to be cherished

From the coastal walks to the green lane scenery, sandy beaches and fields of greenery, there is no doubt that Jersey has so much to offer in this regard.


Pictured: Jersey has a lot to offer in terms of scenic views.

Whether these treasures be enjoyed at leisure or at pace, by ramblers or runners via one of the many marathons, that so many including myself have been brave enough to face.

The full force is breath-taking and etches memories in us that are never forgotten. This leads many people to return and others to even settle.

Some of us including myself probably take all this for granted at times. 'It's going nowhere' you ponder and you can see and spend time enjoying it tomorrow. But with recent events and time being of the essence, I can only imagine that the appreciation for what we have around us has increased and long may it continue.

2. Delicious local produce, quality seafood and our very own sweet treats!

Freshly dug Jersey Royals, mint, catch of the day washed down with your favorite tipple or some of the Famous Jersey white stuff.Clambering across rocks at low tide with a net in hand or casting out and in my case ending up with my line caught and tangled, cursing “Any catch would do”.


Pictured: The Royals are just one example of the delicious produce Jersey can boast about.

Farm shops and sheltered convenience stalls relying on the honesty of everyone. Different and quaint. 

From our very own black butter to those Jersey wonders that get you all of a stutter. Fresh Jersey ice-cream from one of the many bays or a cheeky cream tea with scones and cakes to get your sweet tooth buzzing!

It's no wonder many a famous chef choose to champion our local produce, you can understand why!

3. Local history and heritage, fortifications, and our very own Jersey Zoo

Even though tourism maybe not at the peak and heyday it once was, there are still plenty of interesting and engaging places to visit in Jersey. From the archeology at La Hougue Bie Museum to one of the many age-old reminders of the German occupation that are scattered around the island telling stories of those times.


Pictured: Heritage sites are one of many things to enjoy and visit in the island. (Chris Brookes)

If you're old enough you may remember as I do, those bumpy duck rides to Elizabeth Castle or one of the chaotic walks back from one of the raves that were on there back then.

Summer visits to take in the significance of Mont Orgueil or trying to problem solve your way out of the Jersey War Tunnels, there's something for families and all alike. Keep on searching and you may even find and unravel another local unseen treasure!


Pictured: "The monkey and their friends at Durrell have an audience to finally entertain once more."

And with restrictions slowly beginning to ease now, at least those monkeys and their friends at Durrell have an audience to finally entertain once more - socially distanced of course.

From Jersey's place of conservation to the celebrating of our Liberation, somewhat muted and not quite the same as previous events. But as with everything else hopefully this will be back much bigger and better next year!

4. Huge range of talent shining in all sectors 

Local musicians plying their trade, crafters grafting. Artists grappling with their materials of choice.

microphone sing song musician

Pictured: The local musical scene is bursting with talent. 

They all have their voice and they are shouting for all to hear. In watering holes, galleries, markets and pop up shops, fêtes and fairs and through open mics, karaoke nights.

And if you're lucky then you maybe just might, see a rendition of a song that betters the rest. In our sports arena's and fields, different skill sets roam free. Support it all and let it thrive and survive.

5. Being small and close-knit is not always so bad

As an Island of 9 by 5, long never-ending drives and overnight seaside retreats are of course not possible. A dot in the ocean which on some world maps can't even be seen but it is never forgotten.

Jersey aerial 850x500

Pictured: " A dot in the ocean which on some world maps can't even be seen but it is never forgotten."

Maybe it's just me but don't you think its funny how you can go for years without seeing certain people here? Then when you eventually do, you seem to end up seeing all these virtual strangers about all at once.

Being close to the UK and even nearer to France has its perks. Like so many I am itching to spend time and holiday there again soon. Getting away and off the rock is a necessary recharge and refresh.

But just as time away and the traveling I have experienced is a worthwhile event, whether it's family, friends or just an inner urge that pulls you back, something always seems to make you return.

Jersey plane

Pictured: "Whether it's family, friends or just an inner urge that pulls you back, something always seems to make you return."

If it's a close-knit community spirit that you live and strive for, it is shown all around the island for all to see. And even though it may no longer just be stories of missing cats that litter our local news, in comparison to elsewhere its still safe and nurturing in a good kind of way.

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