Monday 18 October 2021
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Hollie McVittie, PT: Five things I’d change to make Jersey HEALTHIER

Hollie McVittie, PT: Five things I’d change to make Jersey HEALTHIER

Friday 08 January 2021

Hollie McVittie, PT: Five things I’d change to make Jersey HEALTHIER

Hollie McVittie is a personal trainer who, despite the many challenges of this year, has built up a successful online business called Joy Training.

Recently, she organised a charity ‘stepathon’ - which involved clients from around the world taking part in an intense hour-long virtual workout in full Christmas costume to raise money for baby-related charities.

With the New Year traditionally being a time to focus on getting healthier, Hollie shares what she would like to see to get everyone feeling better, both physically and mentally.

Outdoor walk beach.jpeg

Pictured: It is essential that we get out and about, not only for exercise but also for our own resilience.

1. No more lockdowns, please!

Having to spend the majority of our time inside is really detrimental to our immune system and our mental health. Yes, there is a very contagious virus on the loose, but if people limit their interactions with everyday germs in an external environment, we will reduce our built-up resistance to these things, especially when we do this over a period of many months.

We need to be outside as much as we can and be exposed to germs outside of our immediate settings – our immune systems are key right now so let’s help them work effectively.

Drive in.jpeg

Pictured: Wouldn’t a drive-in movie theatre be a great ‘regulation-friendly’ form of entertainment?

2. Drive-in outdoor movies

This one was an idea from a friend and is an excellent one for keeping spirits raised and trying to build some kind of community feel right now. Our cinema is closed, which is really sad as I love movies, so let’s find an area of land where a big screen can be set up and people can drive up to watch the movie from their cars. People can donate money to a charity in return and we can bring our own snacks!

Healthy food.jpeg

Pictured: We need more education on the importance of eating well.

3.Healthy-eating education

Heart disease is one of our biggest killers and is often caused by being overweight, which puts a strain on our hearts. Let's arrange more free information about what is best to eat, in what portions, and what is actually in foods.

The Government could arrange for nutritionists to offer free talks and courses via our employers. Also, this could help with people who may be home-schooling so that the information is tailored to adults and kids.

Diet is key to allowing the body to reset and heal itself, and reducing excess body fat cures many diseases and symptoms. This should be considered a learning priority right now.

Personal trainer.jpeg

Pictured: A great PT can really inspire you to get and stay healthy.

4. Access fitness experts

Gyms may be closed right now but there are still many PTs who can work outside or undercover - respecting the guidelines - or online, as I do. A good trainer can show you how to get fit and progress your health in any environment, explaining what to do and why, so that you feel empowered to do it all by yourself! 

A great trainer can inspire you to really love doing it. Let’s face it, the best thing we can do right now is take care of our physical and mental health by moving. Endorphins are released and we feel stronger and happier after an exercise session. 

We weren’t created to be sedentary – our entire genetic makeup, including our digestive system, our cardiovascular system and even our skin and hair – are all greatly improved by the benefits of physical fitness. Let’s learn how to get strong and feel great!

Paying at till.jpeg

Pictured: A pay-it forward scheme would encourage people to help others.

5. A pay-it forward scheme

We all want good karma and to be a part of a loving, all-embracing society. We are a herd species, so isolation and separation causes us anxiety at a very deep level. I’d love to see the Government initiating a ‘pay-it forward scheme’ via local businesses everywhere - shops, supermarkets, garages, petrol stations etc - so that when people go to pay for their goods or services, they can opt to add some money to pay-it forward. 

These donations are kept on the system and are allocated weekly out to random customers, i.e. in a supermarket you go to pay and you are given a voucher for £10 worth of free food, or you go to pay for your petrol and it’s already been taken care of by the pay-it forward scheme.

I feel this would encourage people to donate when they were able, knowing it would help them out when they may really need it. It’s a really tangible small-scale version of paying taxes but is voluntary and feels directly helpful in your everyday life. I think it’d really raise the vibrations globally to give and receive like this.

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