Monday 02 October 2023
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How I unwind: Georgina Faulkner, pianist

How I unwind: Georgina Faulkner, pianist

Friday 10 March 2023

How I unwind: Georgina Faulkner, pianist

Friday 10 March 2023

A local pianist who specialises in popular music cover and provides soundbaths to soothe others' stress has revealed what she likes to do to relax... beyond playing the piano, of course!

Georgina Faulkner (née Sutton) is a Royal College of Music graduate who is now a concert pianist and sound artist based in Jersey with her husband, Thomas Faulkner, and son, Frederik.

Georgina creates her own pianistic covers of popular music with a twist from the likes of Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Pharrell Williams, and Adele. Her first EP, ‘Pastiche’, will be released in Spring 2023 with the support of ArtHouse Jersey.

In addition to her musical work, Georgina holds ‘Soundbath’ classes in Jersey with the help of eight Alchemy Crystal Bowls specifically tuned to the endocrine system, which is responsible for running our hormones).

She has shared what she gets up to relax when she is not providing others with musical entertainment or helping them soothe stress with the help of soundbaths.

I like to...

...sit at my piano and create a cover, or practice my classical repertoire for a concert or gig coming up (and a lot of the time just for pure pleasure to feed my soul when I can!). I am so lucky that I absolutely love what I do.

Aside from this, I will either do some sound healing, a cold sea swim, or walk in nature in fresh air and listen to a podcast (this is such a massive treat on my own as I rarely get the chance now with a toddler!) 

I eat...


...a lovely wholesome roast and a special glass of wine (a white Burgundy if we’re being precise).

I have expensive taste in wine... Sorry not sorry!

I drink...


...a fresh homemade orange, tumeric, ginger refreshing tonic (aside from the aforementioned wine)!

There’s something special about putting love into things you make (and when there’s time to unwind and enjoy doing it!).

I listen to...


...Oh I can’t answer this succintly, I’m afraid!!

Depending on my mood, I have such a varied music taste! Being a classical pianist I love listening to Chopin, Debussy and Liszt in particular (and I love exposing this music to my son as the Batman theme tune on repeat can be a bit much sometimes..!!).

Buena Vista Social Club is a solid favourite of mine whilst I'm cooking and relaxing, but as strange as it may sound to some, I put frequencies on in the evening to unwind my brain and it works every time.

Porya Hatami is an incredible experimental sound artist, if i'm after a relaxing soundscape in the background this is my 'go to' (if you haven't heard of his music before, check him out) he explores the balance between electronics and environmental sound worlds. I love using this music for my Soundbath classes either in meditation or when people are arriving/ leaving the space. 

Teeks, his voice is so pure and soulful it always rebalances me. I also love Yebba, her song ‘Evergreen’ is my go to shower song, I love belting out the chorus!

To be honest I love listening to all genres, I even love R&B, Rap and drum & bass (I won’t go into my inner G-unit on here) and any modern pop song that comes out in the charts, I immediately imagine how I could arrange it for my next piano cover! I love the challenge of emulating different textures using various piano techniques and making it in my own style.

I read...


...books that either further my knowledge in a field or self-improvement books.

I love all of David Hawkin's books (Letting Go, Power vs Force), and, depending on what creative burst I'm in, I do love reading poetry from time to time as it can calm my brain and take me off into a different dimension.

I watch...

...'The Piano' on Channel 4.

It is so heartwarming to see the power of this incredible instrument and how it can affect people from all walks of life in such a profound way. It highlights how music is truly a universal language for all of us and such a beautiful outlet to communicate and express.

It really inspired my three-year-old son too, especially when he saw the phenomenal blind and neurodiverse girl playing Chopin Nocturne Opus 9 no 1.

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