Monday 02 October 2023
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REVIEW: The 'steaks' are high

REVIEW: The 'steaks' are high

Saturday 01 January 2022

REVIEW: The 'steaks' are high

Saturday 01 January 2022

Express's strictly anonymous, unpaid and 100% honest food reviewer recently went 'wild' with a hearty steak meal at Wildfire. Here's what he thought...

Reviewer extraordinaire and gluten-free fiend Harry Smiles regularly visits local eateries to sample their menu, test their service and dish up a full course of feedback.

Here's the latest of his culinary adventures...

I am not much of a meat eater - I would happily survive on veggies, fish and cheese. However, if there is one thing I never pass an opportunity to have, it is steak.

So, when I recently found myself at Wildfire, I obviously had to have the ribeye, especially since the gluten-free options seemed few and far between.

Apple of my ribeye…


Pictured: "Wildfire never disappoints when it comes to steaks"

Fortunately, Wildfire never disappoints when it comes to steaks - it was once again a real hit, not only with me, but with all the other guests. There was not a complaint to be heard around the table.

As far as mine was concerned, it was juicy and tender - the two key criteria for steaks, no one wants a dry, chewy, sole-of-a-shoe-style affair.

It was cooked to perfection – rare, I am shocked you even have to ask – and the cut was perfect, with only the tiniest amount of fat.

The meat had a delicious smoky flavour. Although 8oz was definitely more than enough for me, I would have happily munched through three additional slabs of the tender beef.

So juicy!

The trimmings that came with the steak were equally delicious, with the peppercorn sauce an excellent complement (even though I do prefer my meat plain, when it is this good) and the chips crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. I obviously couldn’t have the onion rings, but my fellow diners happily gobbled them up without protestation, so I guess they were good. 

On that note, I’ll point out that the menu didn’t state the meat came with onion rings. I only have a gluten intolerance so I wouldn’t be affected by them being on my plate, but, if you are coeliac, it might be worth telling your waiter, so that they don’t put them on your plate. 


Pictured: "I sampled the braised chorizo, which came with potatoes and confit tomatoes, and it was mouth-watering"

This is also a reminder to restaurants to clearly state what sides accompany a dish so that customers have all the information they need. 

Yummy (but not gluten-free)

There weren’t a lot of options in terms of starters, but I sampled the braised chorizo, which came with potatoes and confit tomatoes, and it was mouth-watering. I wish I could have had more, but, given it was not listed as gluten-free (a quick Google search quickly revealed some chorizo sausages can contain gluten), I decided to play it safe. I must, however, try to recreate this particular recipe and hope it is as full of flavour as the real deal.

If you love to savour your steak in a laid-back atmosphere, Wildfire is your place.

Besides, they have one of the nicest teams - our waitress couldn’t have been friendlier, or more helpful.

Even though Wildfire was busy the night we went there, including with a table of about 20 people, we were served promptly and never felt like we were being overlooked, which in the current climate is a real feat.

Rose-tinted pancakes

To conclude this month’s foodie ramblings, I would like to thank the kind souls who pointed out The Yard’s new menu included a new recipe of gluten-free pancakes. I was already a big fan of their coconut ones, but oh my lord, this new recipe is on another level.


Pictured: "These pancakes are definitely my new favourites for winter…and possibly even forever."

The pancakes are fluffy and light (and much bigger than before), but the best part was definitely the ginger-roasted market plums and the rose vanilla and custard.

The flavours work amazingly well together and I find myself salivating just thinking about it. These pancakes are definitely my new favourites for winter… possibly even forever.

This article first appeared in the Connect Magazine, which you can read HERE. 

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