Thursday 22 February 2018
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Property Buying Tool

Use our buying & selling tool to take the hassle out of your property experience.

Follow the simple steps and you can send your property requirements to all of our estate agents, request quotes from lawyers and find mortgage providers at the click of a button.

Get started today and find your dream home.

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What is The Tool?

  • Send your property requirements to estate agents
  • Enter your details and choose which estate agents you would like to send your details to.
  • Receive quotes from law firms for selling your property.
  • Your details can be sent to our partnered law firms who will respond and provide details on their property transactional services.
  • Find local mortgage providers
  • Send your mortgage requirements to our providers and receive the best rates on the market.
  • Plus access to a range of businesses that will take your property to the next level
  • If you are looking for architects, surveyors, kitchens or removal men, we have it all in our property services directory.