Sunday 24 October 2021
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How best NOT to negotiate a job offer!

How best NOT to negotiate a job offer!

Wednesday 15 July 2020

How best NOT to negotiate a job offer!

MEDIA RELEASE: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not Bailiwick Express

So you’ve made it, you’ve been offered the job! After all the stress of the interview process, you’ve done it! So that’s the hard part done… So you’d think!?

So why, after all this, things fall apart at offer stage? Here are some common issues deal with, and how BEST to avoid them:

Money - It’s a rich man’s world! And obviously everyone wants to achieve the best salary they can, but why do people lose track of what’s realistic when negotiating a salary!?

Employers: If it takes an extra grand to get the best candidate and really make your team, just pay it’?. After all they’ve impressed you at interview, you can see them in your team and believe in their ability to add to what you do – surely they’re worth it!

Candidates: Be realistic, a £10K salary hike is not likely. Consider why you want to be part of this organisation and what they’re offering in career prospects as well as what they’re offering financially. Also, forget about the perks from your old role – these won’t necessarily be the same, but think about why you want to leave, what made you look in the first place and what you’ll gain instead. Being too focussed on financial gain can mean that we forget the bigger picture. Happiness, culture fit, career prospects and business potential are all factors that are as important as salary.

Employers: Does it really matter if your preferred candidate doesn’t tick every single box on your experience checklist? Enthusiasm, acumen and personality can’t be taught and are far more valuable in the long term than experience.

Candidates: Look ahead and think what the potential being offered to you is. You might not get that fancy job title straight away, and you were really looking for an extra grand a year – but this is just the start! Once you are in the role and can prove yourself, think about where it could lead you, what you can learn and who you can meet. You have received a job offer – it’s great news and doesn’t need to be a painful experience! Don’t just focus on monetary gain, but take some time to think about the bigger picture and where this role and company could take your career. Negotiate wisely to create great relationships from the start, and mostly importantly get off on the right foot!

Pictured top: Toni O'Flaherty, Director at Select Recruitment

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