Wednesday 29 November 2023
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Have you heard about... Chat GPT?

Have you heard about... Chat GPT?

Tuesday 01 August 2023

Have you heard about... Chat GPT?

Tuesday 01 August 2023

Welcome to the Internet Age, where the lingo is fast and furious, and the memes are always dank.

As businesspeople, we know how important it is to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and buzzwords that permeate the online landscape. But, let's face it, keeping up with all the internet jargon can be exhausting.

So, in this column, we're going to have some fun as we explore the wacky world of internet buzzwords. From "viral" to "YOLO", "meme" to "troll", we'll take a look at the ridiculousness that is internet culture and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way.

So buckle up, folks, because we're about to take a deep dive into the wild and wonderful world of internet speak…

Have you heard about #ChatGPT? Well, you should get acquainted because #ChatGPT, a new word-based AI tool, is the one who just wrote that intro for me. *CUE EXISTENTIAL PANIC ABOUT ROBOTS*



I’m sure I’m not the only one who, upon hearing about technological developments like this, expresses awe and wonder, while inside all I feel is sheer terror.

I’ve seen I, RobotI know how this game works.  

That’s right, I asked an AI to “write the intro to a funny column about Internet buzzwords for a business magazine” and the above is what it spat back at me almost instantaneously.

Aside from the rather clunky use of the term businesspeople”, and the mildly confusing tone of voice which has both dank and permeatein its vocabulary, it’s pretty coherent. I obviously don’t want to give it too much praise because OBVIOUSLY I feel weirdly competitive and defensive.   


Pictured: "Imagine having immediate access to all the information in the world and all the writing that has ever happened to inspire you to put pen to paper – it would certainly cure the writer’s block!"

Of course, AI tools like this aren’t generating new material, they’re simply repackaging and reconstituting existing, similar workImagine having immediate access to all the information in the world and all the writing that has ever happened to inspire you to put pen to paper it would certainly cure the writer’s block!  

Anxiety around AI’s role in creative industries is at an all-time high. The Writers Guild of America went on strike on 2 May after failing to reach a new labour agreement with major Hollywood studios including Netflix, Amazon and Disney. Their central demands mostly focus on pay and working conditions, but one of the concerns raised during negotiations was about the use of AI in the writers’ room, asking studios to ensure that it should only be used as a creative tool rather than a substitute for human writers.  


Pictured: The Writers Guild of America went on strike earlier this year about pay, but also raised concerns about AI’s role in creative industries.

Of course, AI, automated processes and virtual assistants are all super helpful when it comes to working smarter. However, I don’t understand why it has a place in the creative sector. Of course, #ChatGPT and its visual art equivalent are fun to mess around with and perhaps they can generate prompts for new angles and inspiring conversations, but, to me, it speaks volumes about how much we value our creative industries that writing and artwork are the first things people imagine we can get machines to do. It stinks of the “yeah, well anyone could have painted/made/written that” mindset which undermines and undervalues the professionals who have spent years honing their craft.  

Anyway, I (a human writer) couldn’t be bothered to think of a sign-off for this article, so I got #ChatGPT to do it for me... 

That's all for now, folks. Remember, while AI may be advancing rapidly, it's still not perfect. So don't worry about the robots taking over just yet. Instead, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as we continue to navigate this brave new world of artificial intelligence. Until next time, happy computing! 


This article first appeared in the June edition of Connect Magazine, which you can read in full below...

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