Monday 27 September 2021
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Harry Trower, Director


Established in 1972 by Clifford Jones, Broadlands has a long and proud tradition of selling properties in Jersey. The CEO is now Roger Trower who has been part of Broadlands since 1982 and offers a wealth of experience and integrity with regard to all aspects of the property market in the Island.
Harry Trower, Director
April 2020

The ‘Hard Sell’

When I think of a salesperson (granted that is basically my job. But bear with me)... I either think of the stereotypical American well dressed, with perfect hair and white teeth, or a person who emits certain qualities that are not desirable. Now, before I continue, this is not a ‘pop’ at anyone that I have worked with, dealt with or come across in other ways, merely an observation. Everybody is different, and the person that doesn't like you will get along amazingly with someone else. 

To put this another way: when selling a property, especially a house or apartment, to someone who is buying it for themselves, then the ‘hard sell’ never works. Now it may work initially: the agent would have been laying it on thick about the pros of the property, never mentioning the cons and the applicant may well go along with it. However, in my experience this, even if the applicant offers and proceeds initially with the sale, will usually result in the applicant pulling out further along in the sales process. They usually cite a survey issue, boundary issue or something else along those lines as the reason. To be fair their heart wasn't in it as most obstacles can be overcome...

Selling a house, apart from the pictures, write -up, floor plan, etc, is more about finding the house for the applicant; not finding an applicant for the property. If the agent convinces the applicant that the property is what they are looking for, then as mentioned above they are unlikely to complete. Purchasing a property is an emotional decision and the trick is to evoke an emotional response; if this happens there is no need for the ‘hard sell’.

Some of the best negotiators I have come across have that knack. They can sit down with an applicant, discuss what they want and need in a property and then put together a list of properties that would fit the bill. It does sometimes take a little leg work. Looking at houses with the applicants to get a feel of how they react to different properties. But they get there. The completion rate of the negotiators that have this knack is much higher as the applicants have convinced themselves. All the negotiators had to do was find the right house for them.

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