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◆ LIVE UPDATES: More than 150 people in hotels after Storm Ciarán

◆ LIVE UPDATES: More than 150 people in hotels after Storm Ciarán

Thursday 02 November 2023

◆ LIVE UPDATES: More than 150 people in hotels after Storm Ciarán

Thursday 02 November 2023

More than 150 people are in hotels, three schools are closed, the Alcohol and Drug Service premises has been forced to shut and several key roads remain impassable due to Storm Ciaran – follow for live updates.

Here's a timeline of what we know so far, which we'll keep updated:

Key updates:

Live road closure map

Live wind map


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Latest news for Monday 6 November

16:30 - Bailiff's appeal launched to support those affected 

16:04 - Fewer than 100 remain without power

Jersey Electricity has said that fewer than 100 customers still don't have power, and that they have reconnected more than 700 homes and businesses.

Jersey Electricity's dedicated phone line for people without power is 01534 505422. Their emergency line is on 01534 505050.

16:04 - Three schools forced to stay closed

Samarès School, Hautlieu School, and Victoria College all remain closed for now, with repairs confirmed to be taking place at Hautlieu today.

The 16-plus options evening at Hautlieu is postponed from Tuesday 7 November to Tuesday 28 November at 6.30pm.

The government has said that schools would contact parents directly with their plans for reopening.

16:04 - Les Quennevais sports centre can reopen

The sports centre at Les Quennevais was checked for damage to its roof structure today. It is now set to reopen tomorrow, Tuesday 7 November.

16:04 - Where to go for help

The government have published the following list of support services:

  • Customer and Local Services (including Housing Advice Service), 01534 444444 or email

  • Children and Family Hub, 01534 519000 or email

  • For a mental health crisis, call 01534 445290

  • Your Parish Halls for community help and support

  • In an emergency, please call 999

  • Report fallen trees to Love Jersey

15:19 - Ciarán is "likely" to be the strongest tornado in the British Isles in 69 years

14:49 - IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: St Martin's Bonfire is among the events impacted by the storm

12:41 - Closer to Home event postponed

The Closer to Home event - at which people can find out about community organisations and charities - ranging from Jersey Consumer Council to the ​Pensions and Care Hub - has been postponed due to the impact of the storm. No new date has been announced yet..

11:53 - Alcohol and drugs service closed because of damage

Maison Le Pape, which hosts the Alcohol and Drugs Service as well as the Needle Exchange, has been damaged in the storm.

The building is currently closed and the Health department has issued this advice:

  • Patients with appointments are being contacted to change venues

  • People needing to use the needle exchange programme are asked to go to the hospital switchboard.

  • Patients needing to collect prescriptions should contact staff.

  • Staff are working remotely and can be contacted at A& or on 445000.

The Health Department is expecting to reopen the building on Wednesday 8 November.

09:00 - Updates from the weekend: work from home, interactive map, and end of the helpline

Though the Major Incident declaration was rescinded on Friday, Jersey is still dealing with the aftermath of Storm Ciarán. Here are some updates that came in yesterday:

  • The Storm Ciarán helpline has now closed.

  • The government have put together a map showing which States-run roads are open. Click here to see it. 

  • People should continue to work from home if they can, according to the government. Those going to work are asked to travel with care, using main roads if possible (see the map above).

  • Some school bus routes aren't completely back in place. Routes 47, 780, 880, 957, 997, and 998 are affected. The latest updates are on the LibertyBus website.

Latest news for Saturday 4 November

17:40 - Emergency fundraiser for Parish of St Clement

An emergency fundraiser for islanders affected in the worst-hit parish of St Clement has been set up.

It has raised nearly £500 since going live earlier today. Click HERE to support.

16:04 - 100 families now in hotels

The number of people who have had to be relocated since Storm Ciarán has risen.

At the latest count, Government said there were now 100 families living in hotels.

15:50 - IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: How did Guernsey prepare and respond to the Storm Ciarán chaos?

Express spoke to the man leading the island's emergency response:

15:09 - Food supplies on their way

Cargo ferries are due to dock this evening and tomorrow morning, providing provisions. 

"While the storm has caused minor delays in the delivery of some fresh food items, therefore reducing choice, stores are open and remain well stocked with provisions," the Government said this afternoon.

Read more: Freight moving into the islands again

15:08 - Beaumont Roadworks to be postponed

The start of the major Beaumont roadworks, which had been due to begin on Monday 6 November, will be delayed.

A new date is yet to be confirmed.

14:48 - Wind warning: 55mph gusts expected on Sunday morning

Jersey Met has confirmed there are no signs of further significant storms or rainfall events affecting the Channel Islands over the next six days, but the wind is due to briefly reach Gale Force 8 in Jersey on Sunday morning, with gusts to 55mph in the south of the island around dawn.

14:38 - At least three schools to be closed on Monday

As well as Samares, it's now been confirmed that Victoria College (secondary school) and Hautlieu will remain closed on Monday.

14:11 - All Parish of St Helier-administered roads now "passable"

10:20 - Which events have been cancelled?

Express has compiled a guide of cancellations and reschedulings resulting from the storm – if you know of any more to be added, email

10:00 - La Collette waste sites open to dump debris - advice to take care with asbestos

09:00 - Jersey Zoo closed "until further notice"

Jersey Zoo said in a statement this morning that the extent of the damage meant that it would have to close indefinitely.

"As you know, lots of trees have fallen at the zoo, and some damage has been done to buildings. Several enclosures have been affected and our organic farm has sadly been destroyed. All the animals are safe, and our dedicated team continues to closely monitor and care for them while the clear-up mission takes place," it read.

"We announced on Thursday that the zoo would remain closed on Saturday and Sunday, however due to the scale of the clear-up, we have decided to remain closed until further notice. This includes the Visitor Centre, Zoo Shop, Café Firefly and Durrell Charity Shop."

They said visitors would be welcomed back to the Zoo "as soon as it is safe".

Here's what the keepers had to say yesterday:

Latest news for Friday 3 November

18:40 - Major incident declaration is rescinded, says Police Chief

Police Chief Robin Smith said emergency services were moving from the response phase to the recovery phase, meaning the major incident declaration was rescinded.

He encouraged islanders to travel with care.

The non-emergency advice line at 612222 continues to be active for anyone who is vulnerable, including those without electricity.

18:06 - Samares School to be closed on Monday – other headteachers assessing whether more should remain closed

The school will continue to be closed on Monday, as authorities assess the risk of damage to the roof.

The building has been significantly damaged, with several parts of the roof affected and water leaks in the building.

Plans for distance learning and times when students can meet their teachers face-to-face have been put in place.

17:50 - Tips to take care of your wellbeing during the storm

Jersey GP, Dr Jessica Langtree-Marsh, spoke to Express and shared some tips for people to take care of themselves:

  • Parent yourself: "Eat good food, get good sleep, exercise if you want to, in a gentle way. When things are chaotic, be your own parent. It's easy to slip into unhealthy habits."

  • Control the controllable: "When things feel like they're spiralling or you don't know what will happen or you're worried about things, write them down and work out what you can do about each one."

  • Stick to a routine: "That can help you feel anchored. But recognise in the short-term that goals might look slightly different."

  • Talk about it: "With friends or family. But sometimes, if you don't want to talk about, maybe just write something down."

  • Acknowledge that this is a stress response: "We seem to be made to recover from these events quite quickly, but it's okay to acknowledge that you are stressed and not able to do that. If you are struggling, go wider, see a GP, use other services."

Read more: Looking after your wellbeing after the storm.

17:37 - The latest on Saturday's bus services

LibertyBus have gathered all timetable updates for tomorrow in this handy post, which they will be updating throughout the day.

17:34 - WATCH: Incredible drone footage reveals scale of Storm Ciarán devastation

17:30 - A "thank you" to parish staff from St Helier's Constable

17:27 - IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Listen to Express's latest bulletin

17:08 - Schools to reopen on Monday

16:55 - Some very rare trees were lost in the storm

An update from Jersey Water gives us some insights into the trees lost at their sites, and it's even worse than expected with some rare and threatened species lost.

Islanders have been told to stay away, as Queen's Valley and Val de la Mare will both be closed to the public this weekend and are likely to stay this way until next week. They have been closed since Wednesday.

Helier Smith, Chief Executive of Jersey Water, said: "Very sadly the arboretum at Val de la Mare has been hit hard and there have been significant losses across the botanical collections, which is particularly upsetting given the important work Jersey Trees for Life has been undertaking since we committed to funding their maintenance programme earlier this year.”

Alex Morel from Jersey Trees for Life added: “The scale of devastation is far beyond what we expected. We have lost some rare and threatened species of trees which will be hard to replace. Our priority at this point in time is to make the paths safe again for people who want to walk around the arboretum and the reservoir.”

A further announcement is expected on Monday.

16:22 - Les Quennevais sports centre roof seen "lifting"

16:19 - Housing minister David Warr visits some of the worst-affected areas

16:01 - No further significant storms this week, say Jersey Met

15:27 - See the path of the tornado in aerial pictures

15:27 - Which roads have reopened in St Helier?

The Parish of St Helier has been posting about the roads they have been able to open, having cleared a huge amount of debris today.

The following roads have reopened:

  • Vallée des Vaux

  • the top of Clarendon Road/Rouge Bouillon

  • Mont Cochon

  • Rue de la Vallée

15:24 - IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Preparedness and pot noodles: Inside the Storm Ciarán Incident Room

15:18 - Power down? Some repairs could take several days

Jersey Electricity staff have been working to repair the damage to its infrastructure - but has said that some repairs could take "several days" to complete.

JE CEO Chris Ambler said: “The amount of damage Storm Ciarán has caused is considerable. We are using every asset and facility available to us to safely complete repairs as soon as possible.

"However, some repairs may take several days, and we understand that customers without power need certainty and practical support.

"Where necessary, we are arranging temporary accommodation in hotels to ensure customers have access to essential supplies. We appreciate many people who are off power will be receiving practical support from friends and family for which we are grateful.”

Read more: No power, no phones! Storm severs connection for hundreds

15:14 - Which government services are open?

After most services closed yesterday, some have reopened or will do this weekend.

The household recycling centre has been reopened.

Jersey Library is closed today, but will reopen tomorrow (Saturday).

Health is running reduced services - see details.

And the following services remain closed:

  • all Government schools and colleges

  • all Government sports facilities

  • all Government parks

  • Jersey Youth Service

  • Liberte House (critical services for CAMHS and CSC will remain available)

15:07 - Waitrose at Vallée des Vaux to remain closed

The Waitrose branch closed following “flood damage” sustained from the impact of Storm Ciarán.

A Waitrose spokesperson said: “Thank you to our customers for bearing with us after the awful weather conditions affecting Jersey.

“Our St Saviour and Red Houses shops have opened today but, unfortunately, our St Helier shop has suffered some flood damage and remains closed.”

The representative was unable to give a time frame for when the St Helier shop was set to reopen, but said that staff were currently “assessing damage” and would provide an update soon.

“We hope to be open as soon as we possibly can,” the spokesperson added.

“We will keep our St Helier customers up to date and are very sorry for the inconvenience.”

14:49 - Be careful when returning to properties, home-owners warned

Jersey government have published a set of recommendations for people who want to repair and return to their homes. They said:

"In the aftermath of Storm Ciaran, we understand that Islanders are eager to return to properties and assess the damage. We kindly request for safety that the following guidelines are followed:

  • Only return to your property if it is absolutely safe to do so and please do not risk your safety.

  • Before commencing any repair work, ensure it is safe to do so. If you are unsure, please wait for professional assistance. This includes turning off utilities, clearing debris, or making temporary repairs.

  • For properties that have sustained significant damage, we strongly advise seeking the opinion of a property surveyor or structural engineer before entering and/or trying the collect belongings. This is to prevent potential injuries from unstable structures or hidden hazards.

  • We are currently assessing our Government/Public buildings and facilities, but please report any observed damage to these buildings due to Storm Ciaran to our Jersey Property Holdings helpdesk on 449222 or the out of hours duty maintenance officer on 07797 749 222. This helps us assess the overall impact and direct resources where they are needed most.

  • For private properties please speak to landlord or the below structural / infrastructure Engineers:

Darren Sowney 07797 846675

Colin Tadier 07797 722259

Andy Romeril 07797 733378

T&G (structural and drainage engineers) 01534 867070 (24h) Marcus Taylor 07797 717 847

Landslide, Geotech, Flooding – Richard Sutton 07700 348703"

14:42 - Libraries to reopen on Saturday

Jersey's Chief Librarian, Ed Jewell, said that after an inspection of the library's roof, he could confirm both sites would reopen on Saturday. 

14:03 - St Brelade calls for clean-up volunteers

13:34 - Thai Dicq Shack will reopen tonight

The beloved institution of St Saviour's coastline, the Thai Dicq Shack, have announced they are expecting to reopen tonight from 5pm.

13:01 - Scam warning as traders offer services anonymously

Scammers could be taking advantage of vulnerable islanders desperate for repairs, Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum have warned.

As anonymous offers of help rebuilding have multiplied on Facebook, the group has reminded people to be wary of "criminals and unreputable individuals" taking advantage of them.

They advised checking traders' validity by making sure they are qualified and insured and you can contact them in case of a problem. Read their advice below:

13:39 - Waitrose at Vallée des Vaux, which was flooded yesterday, remains closed

waitrose closed.jpg

And in case you missed it, here's a picture of the supermarket yesterday.

13:05 - Firework displays and sales extended

The sale of fireworks has been extended by a week to allow islanders to hold displays at home, and bonfires have been postponed.

Instead of finishing on Sunday 5 November, sales can now continue until Saturday 11 November.

This decision was made today by the Comité des Connétables.

Chair of the Comité des Connétables Constable Mike Jackson said:

"Bonfire displays planned for this weekend have been postponed due to Storm Ciarán.

"The storm has also impacted members of the public wishing to hold their own bonfire parties. We do not wish to prevent families from enjoying smaller private displays at home so, in the exceptional circumstances this year, we have agreed to extend the retail sales date by 6 days.

"The Connétables are very mindful that fireworks can cause distress to neighbours (including those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder) and animals. We do ask anyone planning to use fireworks to be considerate and let their neighbours and animal owners know."

12:50 - Every cloud has a silver lining... a puppy?

It was a dramatic and sleepless night for entirely different reasons for one Jersey family, as they told Express this morning.

12:44 - IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Update from the Police Chief

The strong advice from the Police Chief remains to "stay at home" and only travel if "essential" as clean-up continues.

He said that the Emergency Services took a remarkable 1,000 calls overnight and that the Fire Service responded to 200.

12:35 - Some reduced Health services

The Health Department provided the following update:

"Some health services are available today (Friday) with full or reduced services. Patients will have been contacted if they are to attend today. Reduced services will be reinstated fully over the coming days (as detailed below). This is providing there is no change in circumstance.

  • Outpatients

  • Planned Surgery

  • Community and Mental Health teams

  • La Chasse

  • Enid Quenault Health and Wellbeing Centre

  • Home birth service (from Saturday at 8am)

  • Day Centres and the Dinner (from Monday)

  • Le Bas (from Monday)"

12:34 - Two in hospital after storm in "stable" condition and reduced health services

Health has said two of the three patients who were admitted following Storm Ciaran remain in hospital and are stable – the other was discharged.

There has been some "superficial" damage to health facilities across the island, but these are being repaired. "There is no impact to operational services or to the safety of patients or staff," a statement said.

12:21 - Q&A... After Storm Ciarán... Should you be worried about Storm Domingos?

12:04 - Harbour staff assessing damage

Harbour people are clearing up and assessing the damage, while supporting tenants and customers of Ports of Jersey, Deputy Harbour Master Louise Stafford has said.

She added that broken-free buoys will be returned to their position when the weather allows.

She added: "We are continuing to assess property damage and doing temporary repairs where required. We have ensured that the commercial port and berths are ready to receive freight vessels so we can maintain the lifeline services to the island.”

11:36 - In case you missed it: read the Bailiff's message to islanders after Storm Ciarán

11:18 - Airport will reopen its doors at noon

Ports of Jersey have confirmed that Jersey Airport will reopen its doors at midday today, with flights scheduled to start from 2pm. 

Teams have worked to address the damage and make sure the Airport is safe, secure and compliant.

They reminded anyone travelling to the Airport to take care on their journey and allow plenty of time.

11:13 - No signs of significant storms or heavy rainfall in next six days, says Jersey Met

Though the weather remains "unsettled" with wet and windy spells, Jersey Met has sought to reassure islanders that there will be no repeat of the storms experienced this week.

Storm Domingos, which is set to disrupt parts of Spain, Portugal and France on Saturday, is not expected to come as far north as the Channel Islands.

Jersey Met added: "There will be occasional gales and rainfall over the weekend, but this will be much less than what was experienced Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

"Saturday will see the wind reach force 5 to 7, with the chance of wind touching gale force 8 briefly at times, which is normal for this time of year.

"During the early hours of Sunday the wind will reach force 7 to gale force 8 and may briefly reach severe gale force 9, but this will only be for a short time, and the winds will ease later on Sunday morning."

11:07 - Roof damage at Maison des Landes

Maison des Landes, a hotel designed especially for people with disabilities, has posted thanking people as far afield as Australia for their messages of support.

Now, they are looking for someone to repair their roof.

They wrote: "We're all OK, however our roof has incurred some damage and we're appealing for someone who could help repair it.

"Everything else is cosmetic, a few trees down and some broken planters but we've thankfully escaped the worst."

11:04 - Airport teams "confident" that they will be able to reopen at 2pm

Speaking ahead of an announcement at 2pm, Airport Director Robin MacRae said his teams had been working since the early hours to clear the damage on the site.

Radars, landing systems, and communication systems had all had their alarms triggered by the strong winds and were currently being inspected to make sure they were secure. 

Debris that came off different buildings was now lying around the site. It has to be cleared completely before aeroplanes can use the runway again.

Ports of Jersey had previously said they were striving to open the Airport as early as 2pm today. An announcement is expected at noon.

10:47 - "Barely an undamaged tree left standing" at Mount Bingham

10:45 - Waste sites at La Collette reopen

09:51 - Buses running on Saturday schedule - but many routes still disrupted

LibertyBus posted an update, saying that those services that are back up and running today are operating a Saturday service.

A number of routes and stops are still out of operation.

A full list of the services that are running - despite having to navigate damage and debris on the roads - is available online.

09:29 - Butterfly Café opens with free hot and cold drinks for emergency services and essential workers

09:04 - Victoria Avenue recycling to be collected tomorrow

The Parish of St Helier said they were unable to collect recycling on Victoria Avenue today, postponing refuse collection until tomorrow, Saturday 4 November.

09:04 - St Helier roads still blocked


Pictured: Trees have closed a number of roads in St Helier (Parish of St Helier)

A number of roads is blocked in St Helier, head of engagement and town centre manager Connor Burgher has said. He advised drivers to take "extreme caution" when driving.

The following roads are known to be blocked:

  • Le Rousseaux

  • Oakfield

  • Beechfield

  • Vallee Des Vaux

  • La Freddee Lane

  • La Pouquelaye pavement is blocked

  • Ruette Pinel

  • Rouge Bouillion is reduced to one lane

  • Val Plaisant

  • Springfield is reduced to one lane

  • Le Mont Cochon

It is likely that more roads are affected, according to Mr Burgher.

08:54 - Jersey Post to open normally today

Jersey Post have said that following safety inspections, all of their locations are open today. Delays with deliveries to and from the island are still expected during the next week.

08:32 - St Aubin community shop offer free essentials to displaced people

08:00 - JEC team continuing efforts to restore power to hundreds of affected homes today

Around 600 properties were left without power yesterday, and many islanders were also left unable to use their landlines or mobiles.

Latest news for Thursday 2 November

18:12 - Ports of Jersey "striving" to open airport at 14:00 tomorrow

In a statement released this evening, Ports of Jersey have said they are "striving" to open the airport at 14:00 tomorrow – with a further announcement due at midday tomorrow to confirm whether this is possible.

A Ports of Jersey spokesperson said: "Engineers have been assessing the damage caused by Storm Ciaran and detailed inspections of the airport estate have identified extensive infrastructure, equipment and system failures.

"We are working to remedy the faults as quickly as possible, but until the work is completed and the airport is safe, secure and compliant, it has to remain closed to commercial operations."

The airport remains open for emergencies and medical transfers, and the harbour is functioning as normal.

17:48 - Fort Regent fitness equipment sale cancelled due to water ingress

The equipment sale due to take place at Fort Regent on Saturday has been postponed by Fort Regent and Active.

They said the Fort had suffered "significant water ingress" and the building is closed until Monday.

16:29 - Government sports facilities to remain closed tomorrow

The Government has confirmed that all its sports centres and facilities will remain closed to the public on Friday.

Assessment have been taking place throughout today. A summary of some of the key findings is below:

  • FB Fields suffered the most damage of Government sport facilities. Trees, perimeter and ball-stop fencing, and athletic equipment have suffered significant damage. There has also been damage to changing rooms. The table tennis centre is the most significantly damaged building (structurally). The Government "anticipate it will take time to make this site safe and usable again, so until this is achieved then FB Fields will remain closed". Clubs and hirers will be informed.

  • Springfield: There is damage to the bike shelter. Multiple trees are down in the park. We envisage that Springfield park will remain closed until the trees are made safe. We ask members of the public to stay away until such time as the park is tidied up. A decision will be made tomorrow as to the opening of the gym possibly on Saturday. Active card members are being kept up to date.

  • Les Quennevais Sports Centre and Playing Fields: There is minor roof damage to the Sports Centre. Other buildings across the site have significant damage and there are trees down around the park and in the playground area. We ask members of the public to stay away until such time as this is tidied up. A decision will be made tomorrow as to the opening of the gym and pool possibly on Saturday. Active card members are being kept up to date.

  • Grainville Playing Fields: A number of trees are down. The site is closed and members of the public are asked to stay away until this is tidied up.

  • Airport Playing Fields: Rugby goals and fencing have been damaged.




The Government is waiting an assessment of Oakfield Sports Centre

It is envisioned that Haute Valle Pool and 3G pitch, and Langford Sports Centre, will be back open on Saturday.

Clubs and hirers will be informed once a final decision is made.

16:04 - Phone lines affected by power outages

The Government has confirmed that, due to power outages, there are potentially 600 landlines impacted.

Mobile phone services have also been affected across all providers (JT, Sure and Airtel) in some parts of the island.

Operators are working remotely to restore services to affected areas as soon as possible, on-site visits will follow when it is safe.

The Government added: "If it’s safe to do so, please reach out and check on neighbours, friends, and family members, particularly the elderly and those who are vulnerable.

"Look out for each other and help us weather this storm together."

14:54 - Jersey Hospice Care Christmas Markets and Careers Open Day cancelled

Jersey Hospice Care has cancelled its Christmas Markets on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November, and also its Clinical Careers Open Day on Saturday 4 November.

"The safety of our supporters, customers, colleagues and volunteers is our priority," the charity said in a statement.

The Open Day will be rescheduled, with the new date to be posted online and on social media.

14:13 - Jersey Zoo confirms death of elderly flamingo

Jersey Zoo has issued a statement confirming that one of its elderly Chilean flamingos has passed away.

The zoo said that Storm Ciarán caused several trees to fall at Jersey Zoo, but added that all staff are safe, and all animals have been accounted for.

Jersey Zoo will remain closed on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November to ensure that the site has been properly checked and cleared of debris.

The public will be kept updated if the zoo needs to remain closed into next week.

14:07 - Inside the tornado

Islanders have shared their first-hand experiences of having their homes torn apart by a suspected tornado that left "bomb-like" scenes of devastation in its wake.

12:19 - Schools set to remain closed tomorrow 

The Government has announced that schools are set to remain closed tomorrow to "help assess damage and reopen roads".

In a meeting this morning, the Strategic Coordination Group decided to close schools for a second day on Friday in order to help clear roads and assess school sites throughout the day, with a view to opening them on Monday.

12:19 - Hospital update

Some health appointments have also been cancelled tomorrow as the island begins the huge clear-up after Storm Ciarán.

There has been "minor damage" to the hospital, including some minor water ingress, and a casing from a roof vent and a brise soleil on Robin Ward which has blown off.

The hospital roof is intact, and there has been no power outage and no life-threatening IT issues.

The St Saviours site remains operational despite falling trees in the area but the following health services remain closed or suspended:

  • Enid Quenault Health and Wellbeing Centre

  • Day centres

  • Le Bas

  • Home birth service

For the safety of patients and staff, islanders are reminded to only attend their appointment if they have been contacted today and advised to still attend.

One of the three people who were taken to hospital during the storm has since been discharged,

10:55 - Fire Service reiterates "stay at home" message

Chief Fire Officer Paul Brown said that the Fire and Rescue Service has dealt with over 100 calls during the storm so far.

"Today is not a day for going out," he said, as he urged islanders to "please stay at home".

09:05 - GR8 recruitment offering help to clean up

08:57 - All Coop food stores and pharmacies closed today

08:35 - The Government shares images of teams working to clear roads this morning


08:21 - Bus services suspended until further notice

Liberty Bus has announced that they are temporarily halting bus services for the day "in light of the extensive damage inflicted upon the island by Storm Ciarán overnight".

The statement continued: "Most roads are currently obstructed by fallen trees and debris, and the impending high tide is anticipated to exacerbate the situation.

"We anticipate resuming normal service tomorrow. For further updates, please monitor our social media channels.

"Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all those impacted by the storm. Please prioritise your safety above all else."

08:01 - Islanders wake up to devastation

07:31 - All roads in and out of St Mary blocked by fallen trees

07:24 - Segments of the Waterfront Christmas tree blown off

06:54 - Jersey Electricity working to restore power

06:15 - More than 100 '999' calls overnight

As at 06:15 this morning, there had been 107 '999' calls and 270 calls to the non-emergency number, according to Government.

05:59 - Multiple trees down in St John and nearby parishes

05:55 - Power outage report in Grouville

05:51 - Eight Fire and Rescue crews out dealing with incidents

05:45 - Trees down by People's Park

05:29 - Gloucester Street to close over concerns about hospital roof

The road was closed after parts of the paediatric unit became unstable.

05:21 - Need a distraction?

Head to our Twitter page for a thread of stories to keep your mind off the stormy weather outside...

05:17 - "We are now in the eye of the storm"

05:14 - Big trees down on Bagatelle Road

04:58 - Further power outages in St Clement reported

04:36 - How has the wind picked up overnight?

Here's the latest data from Jersey Met on how wind speeds have changed overnight. The below graphs show the wind direction, mean wind speed in knots (red) and maximum gust (blue) recorded at St Helier Harbour.


04:33 - Reported power loss in parts of island

Islanders living around Marina Avenue have reported losing power to their homes. 

03:45 - Fire Service attend more than 50 calls in 10 hours

03:35 - Three people taken to A&E

Three people have been taken to hospital after being injured in the storm.

Meanwhile, 35 islanders (29 adults and six children) and seven pets are now in hotel accommodation after their properties suffered extreme damage in the storm.

02:24 - Roof off at Rue Des Pres Trading Estate

Emergency services are dealing with an incident in Rue Des Pres Trading Estate, where residents are being relocated from their flats following damage to buildings and a roof coming off.

02:16 - Debris flying through the air - WATCH

02:00 - Police relocate 15 people to hotels 

Police confirmed on social media that they have relocated 15 people to hotels due to damage to their properties so far tonight.

In the post's comments, islanders described a "disaster zone" in places, with "holes in roofs, windows smashed in, tiles everywhere, [and] cars smashed up".

01:51 - Westhill closed due to flooding

01:25 - Trees, bins and lamppost down near FB Fields


01:10 - Situation Room in full operation at Police HQ

00:32 - Flooding around Route de la Haule

00:24 - "This is madness - there's chunks of roof all over the car"

Islander Ross Barker captures some of the devastation wrought by Storm Ciarán on camera.

00:18 - 'Ice bombs' strike properties around the island

Islanders have reported hail stones the size of golf balls hitting their homes.

Endang Hidayet, who lives on Old St John's Road in St Helier, caught this on camera:

Latest news for Wednesday 1 November

23:00 - Parish of St Helier mobilised to deal with Storm Ciarán

The Parish of St Helier's Honorary Police, infrastructure teams and tree surgeons are out tonight supporting with trees down in Vallée des Vaux and Le Vert Chemin, building materials around La Motte Street, and much more.

If you spot a tree down, you can contact the Government on 01534 725351, police on 01534 612612 (option 2 and 4), or the St Helier Duty Centenier on 07829 722227.

The Parish has confirmed that nobody has had to take refuge at the Town Hall yet, but parishioners are reminded that they can call Connor Burgher on 07700 322550 to access the Town Hall for safety or shelter.

Parish updates are set to be made every two hours on the St Helier website, with intermittent notices on social media.

22:53 - Fallen tree outside outside Grand Marché cleared


Picture credit: Domonic Volante

22:43 - La Rue du Pont Marquet blocked by fallen tree


22:30 - Two trees down in St Mary


22:14 - Large tree down in Vallée Des Vaux


22:00 - Storm Ciarán batters Gorey Pier

21:34 - Tree down outside the Grande Marché store


Picture credit: Domonic Volante


21:10 - Sandbags placed at St Aubin for high tide

20:50 - Large sandbags positioned on the Avenue


20:18 - Route 12A bus redirected due to fallen tree

20:05 - Mental health crisis line

Jersey's Director of Mental Health has reminded islanders that the mental health crisis team is available on 01534 445290 for anyone in crisis. 

19:18 - Non-emergency services advice line set up

As part of the response to Storm Ciarán, the Government has set up a non-emergency public advice line to enable islanders affected by the storm to report incidents which do not require the attendance of emergency services.

The advice line on 01534 612222 will be resourced from midnight tonight and run for the duration of the storm.

Where there is an incident which requires an emergency response, members of the public should always call 999.

Other useful non-emergency out of hours contact numbers are:

Jersey Electricity Company - 01534 505050
Island Energy – 01534 755555
Jersey Water – 01534 707302
Andium – 01534 500799

18:50 - Major Incident declared

A 'Major Incident' has officially been declared, and a 'Situation Room' has been set up in Police HQ.

18:23 - Parish Halls open for emergency sheltering

17:15 - Victoria Avenue and Havre des Pas road closure updates

The Government has announced that Havre des Pas will be closed to traffic from 18:00 this evening.

Victoria Avenue (between West Park and First Tower) will be closed to traffic from 19:00.

Both roads will be closed from those times until further notice. 

16:58 - Could Jersey be hit by a 'sting jet' tomorrow morning?

Jersey is at risk of experiencing a metrological phenomenon on Thursday morning which was responsible for causing extreme damage and disruption in the Great Storm of October 1987. Here's what you need to know...

16:09 - UK Met Office wind graphic shows how Jersey is in the direct firing line of Storm Ciarán

Storm Ciarán may be even worse than initially expected – with weather experts now forecasting that Jersey will be thrashed with "violent" winds of "just below hurricane force".

15:39 - Doctors on call

All GP surgeries will be closed tomorrow, and surgeries have contacted patients to reschedule appointments or offer telephone consultations.

Jersey Doctors On Call (JDOC) will be operating a telephone-only service from the hospital site from 18:00 tonight until the weather allows home visits to be carried out safely.

If you needs to contact JDOC, you can call 01534 445445

You can access the out-of-hours service even if you do not have a GP.

15:23 - Durrell Dash postponed

Jersey Zoo has postponed the Durrell Dash from this Sunday 5 November to Sunday 3 December. 

"With the uncertainty caused by the extreme weather forecast, we wanted to give runners as much notice as possible," a spokesperson explained.

All existing registrations for the charity fun run will be automatically moved over to the new date.

You can find out more information HERE.

15:05 - Thursday's JEP will be free online

Thursday's JEP online edition will be free for everyone tomorrow.

The link to the free online edition will be posted on social media platforms.

14:58 - Sandpiper stores closed until midday tomorrow

SandpiperCI has announced that all its Jersey food stores will close at 19:00 this evening.

The M&S, Morrisons, Iceland and Checkers Xpress stores will re-open tomorrow at midday after the worst of the storm is forecast to have passed.

Opening times will remain under review to ensure staff and customers always remain safe.

SandpiperCI stores will resume normal opening hours from Friday morning.

14:51 - Red wind warning issued

Jersey Met has issued a red wind warning, with gusts up to 90kt or 103mph expected later.

14:28 - Thursday bus services suspended until midday

Liberty Buses has confirmed that tomorrow's services will be suspended until midday on safety grounds. 

The first departure leaving Liberation Station tomorrow will not be until 12:00 tomorrow, and services operating into St Helier will also not commence until 12:00.

14:04 - An update from the Police Chief

"We are hoping for the best, but we are planning for the worst."

That's the message from Police Chief Robin Smith as Jersey prepares itself to get battered by Storm Ciarán.

Four times as many staff as would normally be on duty will be on hand to help deal with the disruption caused by severe gusts of up to 95mph.

13:35 - Le Gallais storage to close


13:04 - Government building closures

The following Government buildings will be closed tomorrow:

  • all Government schools and colleges

  • the General Hospital (only attend your appointment if you have been advised to do so)

  • all Government sports facilities (from 7pm Wed evening)

  • all Government parks

  • Jersey Library

  • Liberte House (critical services for CAMHS and CSC will remain available)

  • Jersey Youth Service

  • Household recycling centre, household green wast, commercial green waste, bulky waste and commercial recycling

Customer and Local Services, La Motte Street, Eagle House and Revenue Jersey will be operating an online and telephone only service tomorrow.

13:03 - Emergency accommodation shelter available for rough sleepers

Islanders have also been advised to contact the Jersey Homeless Outreach Group or Shelter Trust if they see anyone sleeping rough or hunkering down in a car park or beach shelters.

John Hodge, Director of the Shelter Trust, said that Government agencies had been in touch with the charity to offer advice and support.

He explained: "We have Aztec House, our emergency accommodation shelter as a contact point for ‘rough sleepers’ and others requiring accommodation and support.

"On Tuesday night, the Outreach Service checked rough sleeping venues in and around St Helier without locating any ‘rough sleepers’.

"If anyone knows of a ‘rough sleeper’ who we haven’t picked up, please contact 730235."

Representatives will then make contact with them and encourage them to take advantage of the support that is available from The Shelter Trust.

12:48 - Airtel-Vodafone stores and call centre to close early

Airtel-Vodafone stores and call centres will close at 16:30 today, and remain closed all day tomorrow

However, the telecoms company will be fully operational online.

12:30 - St Helier Centenier nomination meeting to go ahead tonight

The Parish of St Helier has confirmed that the Centenier nomination meeting will also go ahead this evening at the Town Hall.

The Town Hall will be closed to the public on Thursday, but can be made available if a place of refuge or shelter is required.  

To access this service, parishioners can call Connor Burgher on 07700 322550.

The parish also confirmed that town parking in all car parks and on street parking will be free for the duration of Thursday 2 November.

11:43 - NatWest International branches to close tomorrow

NatWest International has confirmed that all Jersey branches will be closed on Thursday.

Online banking, the mobile app, and NatWest International social media pages will all remain available for customer queries.

The bank plans to reopen its branches as normal on Friday.

11:30 - Parish of St John update

The Parish of St John has issued an update confirming that parish recycling will not take place tomorrow, but is expected to happen on Friday and Saturday instead.

The parish's Thursday evening Youth Project is cancelled, and the Mums and Babies group on Friday morning is also postponed.

The Parish Hall will close at 17:00 tonight, and the Parish Hall office will be closed tomorrow. 

However, if any parishioners are displaced or need shelter then they can be hosted at the Parish Hall.

If you need assistance, you can call the St John's Parish Hall on 861999 or the Duty Centenier on 866560.

Parishioners are also being urged to check on neighbours and let them know where help is available. 

11:21 - Jersey Post update

Jersey Post have confirmed that the Postal Headquarters at Rue des Pres and the Broad Street post office will both be closed tomorrow.

It is also expected that this morning's boat will be the last to bring mail into the island until after the storm passes.

Jersey Post hope that mail will arrive by boat to the island again on Friday morning, but is currently waiting on confirmation of this service from their ferry partners.

Julie Thomas, Managing Director of Postal and Logistics, said: “We would like to reassure islanders that, as soon as it is safe to do so, we will be doing our utmost to process and deliver mail as quickly as possible.

"We have extra measures in place to clear the backlog of mail as soon as it arrives on the island but would like to advise customers to expect delays.”

As long as it is safe to do so, the Postal Headquarters and the Broad Street post office will reopen on Friday 3 November.

10:56 - Public reservoirs to close

Jersey Water is closing access to Val de la Mare and Queen’s Valley reservoirs on Thursday in response to the severe weather.

With public safety in mind, the utility is advising islanders to avoid visiting the sites due to the large number of trees lining the footpaths.

Jersey Water is part of the Government’s emergency response planning group for Storm Ciarán.

Helier Smith, Chief Executive of Jersey Water, said: "Our priority is to make sure that we can continue to provide our services to our customers and that our employees and islanders are safe, hence closing our sites.

"We will be closely monitoring our reservoirs, treatment works and other infrastructure during the storm to ensure continuity of supply to the island.

"Our operational teams will be on the ground across the island to respond as required and support the emergency services, as part of our standard procedures for periods of severe weather.”

Jersey Water will assess on Friday whether to re-open its sites to the public.

The Jersey Water call centre will remain open as usual for customer calls to report any issues with their water supplies.

Reports of flooding should be directed to the emergency services.

10:00 - Coop food stores closed on Thursday morning

All Coop food stores in Jersey and Guernsey will close at 19:00 tonight, and open again from midday until 19:00 tomorrow.


"We want to reassure everyone that we're taking all necessary precautions, and our colleague and customer safety is our priority," the Coop said.

09:37 - Extra goods ordered amid reports of panic-buying


The Government has asked islanders to be respectful of others when purchasing products and to "buy responsibly in the shops and supermarkets".

Retailers have adequate reserves of food to ensure minimal short-term disruption, the Government said.

It was also confirmed that the Commodore Goodwill docked as normal today with the usual freight for retailers.

Government officials have confirmed with retailers that extra goods have been ordered in anticipation of Storm Ciarán and supermarkets expect to be well stocked, including with fresh food for Wednesday.

09:33 - Red tide warning issued

Jersey Met has issued a red tide warning, with wind and high tides expected to cause flooding along Jersey's south and east coast on Thursday morning.

They added that some coastal roads may need to be closed.


09:12 - Multi-storey car parks free on Thursday

The Government has announced that all multi-storey car parks that it runs will be free on Thursday.

This is to make it easier for islanders who usually park their cars in coastal car parks to move their vehicles into safety.

08:30 - Refuse and recycling collection in St Helier delayed

There will be no refuse, glass, recycling or cardboard collection on Thursday in St Helier.

Refuse, glass and cardboard collections scheduled for Thursday will now take place on Saturday.

Recycling collections scheduled for Thursday will be collected on Friday.

Parishioners are asked to not put bins out on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

If you are concerned about a vulnerable parishioner, then you can contact the community support officer at the Town Hall on 811854.

08:00 - Buses to use the inner road

Liberty Bus has confirmed that all buses will use the inner road once the avenue closes this evening.

"Other roads may closed at short notice; expect delays and additional diversions at short notice!" they added. 

The bus company will be providing updates as they happen during today and tomorrow via the LibertyBus App and social media pages.

You can also call Liberty Bus on 01534 828 555 for service updates.

Live updates for Tuesday 31 October

19:12 - Chief Minister releases video message

Deputy Kristina Moore has released a video message for islanders about the "significant disruption" expected from Storm Ciarán.

She confirmed that all Government sports facilities will close at 19:00 on Wednesday, and are expected to open on Friday at normal times "after a visual inspection of infrastructure confirms that it is safe to do so".

Deputy Moore urged islanders to stay at home on Thursday and to "buy responsibly" in supermarkets.

"Our supply chain has built-in resilience and we have been in contact with supermarkets to ensure minimal disruption," she added.

The Chief Minister also encouraged islanders to "check in on vulnerable neighbours and family members". 

"These could be a difficult few days, but I know that our community spirit will once again shine through," said Deputy Moore.

19:00 - McClosure confirmed...


17:45 - Government issues a message to the island's Portuguese community

The Government posted an online video message to Jersey's Portuguese community about Storm Ciarán.


16:43 - Parish appeal for volunteers

The Parish of St John is looking for additional volunteers to be on standby over the next few days.


To volunteer, you can email with your full name, contact details, and any skills that you think are appropriate.

16:22 - Coastal routes expected to close from 17:30 tomorrow

Coastal routes, including Victoria Avenue and Havre des Pas, are expected to close from 17:30 onwards on Wednesday evening.

All vehicles parked in lay-bys 1-4 on Victoria Avenue must also be removed by 17:30 tomorrow evening, as the car parks will be closed and there will be no access allowed after this time.

In addition, it is advised that islanders do not park in any coastal car parks due to the expected storm surges, swells and debris.

The Government said that it is working to ensure that road closures and other disruptions are managed effectively, and that access for emergency services vehicles remains a priority.

Information regarding further road closures will be shared as it becomes available.

16:18 - Jersey Zoo closed on Thursday and Friday

Jersey Zoo will close at 16:00 on Wednesday, and remain closed on Thursday and Friday.

The Visitor Centre, Zoo Shop, Café Firefly, and Durrell Charity Shop will also be closed during this period.

A spokesperson for the Zoo said that staff had been strapping down any items that may fly away and had checked all the trees onsite. 

The drains have been cleaned and emptied in preparation for the extra water. 

She added that animals will be kept inside during the storm. The vet and animal escape teams would also be on call, and there would be keepers at the Zoo on the days it is closed.

"The safety of our staff, visitors and animals is our highest priority," she said.

15:58 - Blue Islands announcement

Blue Islands has issued an announcement confirmed that no flights will operate on Thursday, and there will be some changes to their Wednesday schedule.

Friday services are planned to operate based on the current forecast.

Blue Islands said that customers booked on affected flights can choose an alternative flight, and no change fee or fare difference will apply.

All affected customers will also be contacted by email and SMS.

The airline said that "the safety of our passengers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority".

RESCHEDULED flights on Wednesday 1 November:

  • SI4494 Jersey – Bristol (16:30): now departing at 13:30

  • SI4494 Bristol – Jersey (18:00): now departing at 15:00

CANCELLED flights on Wednesday 1 November:

  • SI4432 Guernsey – Jersey

  • SI4433 Jersey – Guernsey

  • SI3342 Guernsey – Southampton

  • SI3343 Southampton – Guernsey

  • SI3390 Jersey – Southampton

  • SI3391 Southampton – Jersey

15:55 - Contingency plans in place to keep hospital pharmacy stocked

Jessie Marshall, Interim Chief Nurse for Health and Community Services, confirmed that the hospital pharmacy has "contingency plans in place" which means there is always "more than a week’s worth of stock in the pharmacy at any one time to mitigate against any disruption".

"We also have agreements with medicine suppliers, who can arrange for drugs to be flown into the island if the ferries are disrupted for long periods due to bad weather," she added.

15:21 - Jersey Heritage announces closure of sites

All of Jersey Heritage’s sites will be closed to the public on Thursday.

This includes Jersey Museum, Art Gallery & Victorian House, Hamptonne Country Life Museum, Mont Orgueil Castle, the Maritime Museum and La Hougue Bie, as well as Jersey Archive. Elizabeth Castle is already closed for the winter.

The charity’s offices will also be shut on Thursday and staff are being asked to work from home.

Jersey Heritage added that a decision about whether to reopen the sites and offices on Friday will be made once any damage and potential ongoing risks have been assessed.

Jon Carter, Jersey Heritage’s Chief Executive, said: “Our first priority is always the safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors. In light of the Government’s safety advice issued today, we have taken the decision to close all of our sites and offices on Thursday.

"In the meantime, we are battening down the hatches at each of our sites to help to prevent any potential damage. We have a robust disaster plan in place to deal with any emergencies that could arise as a result of Storm Ciarán.”

15:02 - Court Service closure announced 

The Court Service – including the Royal Court, Magistrate’s Court, Family Court, Tribunal Service, Judicial Greffe and Viscount’s Department – will all be closed on Thursday "for the safety of all individuals attending court".

The Bailiff, Sir Timothy Le Cocq said: "It is unfortunate that the Court Service is having to suspend operations for this short period, however it is important that members of the public minimise movement about the island during a time of high risk.

"The Court teams will work with relevant parties to reschedule any hearings that have been affected.

"I am grateful to all who have been part of the decision to ensure our island remains as safe as possible."

13:42 - Islanders advised to stay at home as airport and hospital plan to close 

Islanders should only visit the hospital on Thursday if it is an emergency, or they have been contacted and expressly asked to attend.

Medical day centres will be closed and home births are also suspended. The emergency department will be open as usual for life threatening or serious illnesses.


Airport authorities have also decided to close the airport to commercial operations all day on Thursday.

The airport will remain open for emergency and medical flights, and will reopen on Friday after a visual inspection of the airport infrastructure. 

Passenger and freight ferry services are also severely disrupted and Jersey Coastguard is advising islanders to keep away from coastal areas, as there is a risk people could be swept out to sea from piers and seawalls.

Boat owners are being reminded to secure their vessels appropriately, and harbour businesses are advised to check their properties and secure their equipment.

Elizabeth Terminal will be closed to the public on Thursday, and the storm gate in Elizabeth Marina will close today.

13:00 - School closures announced 

All Government schools and colleges will close on Thursday due to "the significant risks posed by Storm Ciarán".

The Government confirmed that the decision was made this morning following meetings of both the Strategic Command Group and the Council of Ministers.

A decision on school openings for Friday 3 November will be made at a later date.

This decision will be "based on an assessment of any damage to schools and colleges, and the ongoing risks".

Private schools and nurseries are also being provided with the same advice as Government schools and colleges.

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