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MADE IN JERSEY: Made to Melt Jersey - Nikita Osmand

MADE IN JERSEY: Made to Melt Jersey - Nikita Osmand

Thursday 20 May 2021

MADE IN JERSEY: Made to Melt Jersey - Nikita Osmand

MEDIA RELEASE: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not Bailiwick Express, and the text is reproduced exactly as supplied to us

Born in Jersey, I am a wife and mother to 8 year old Rory and 3 year old Kady. I run Made to Melt Jersey from my kitchen with the help of my family.

I established my small business in November 2019 as I struggled to find local wax melts and postage cost to Jersey was too much, I bought a starter kit, 7 scents and some clamshells and I started from there. I have slowly grown into more shapes and over 40 scents. I am as eco as possible by ensuring all my packaging is made from recycled materials and I offer a reuse and recycle scheme. I take back every bit of packaging and used wax! My wax melts are 'naked' meaning they are made only using soy wax and fragrance oils, no dyes or glitter are added to ensure you get the absolute cleanest burn possible. They are vegan friendly, cruelty free and free from nasties.

Q: What are wax melts?

A: Wax melts are a wickless alternative to candles. They come in various shapes, scents and sizes, they are slowly melted in a burner which releases the fragrance.


Q: How are they different to candles?

A: The main difference is how they look and you use them. Candles come in one pot and can simply be lit and blown out. Wax melts need to be melted gently in a burner which can be tealight or electric. You can split the melt if you prefer a subtle scent or double up if you'd rather it strong.

Q: How do wax melts work?

A: Wax melts work by placing your melt into a wax burner which slowly melts the wax to release the fragrance. You can get a tealight burners with the candle under the dish for the wax or electric burners which have a bulb underneath. Electric is a great option with young children and pets around.

Q: Do you have to use a wax burner/warmer?

A: Yes. Either an electric or a tealight. When you've had enough of the scent, you simply turn off or blow out the tealight and allow the wax to harden and use again. Once the wax starts to lose its scent you simply remove and replace with fresh wax.


Q: What are the benefits of wax melts? Why do people use them?

A: Can be flame free if you prefer, a great burn time, affordable, scent control, no soot from wicks.


Q: What makes YOUR wax melts different?

A: My wax melts always have and will be completely "naked". This means I do not dye my wax, I do not add any glitters or anything other than fragrance. This ensures you get the absolute cleanest burn possible - I take back all packaging, used wax & offer refills at a lower price, this hopefully ensures the minimum goes in the bin as possible from my company.

Q: Do you have any plans for the future?

A: Yes, I can't divulge too much about that but things are in development.


Q: How do you make your wax melts?

1. I start off by getting all my equipment set up and getting my soy wax weighed out - depending on what I am making depends on the weight. 

2. I get my wax melter on and get my wax inside. Whilst this is melting I usually lay out the moulds it will be poured into, stirring occasionally - Once all melted I bring the wax up to a specific temperature.

3. I weigh out my fragrance oil depending on the weight of my wax. Once that temperature has been reached I pour the melted wax into my jug and I wait again until the temperature drops to a specific number before adding my fragrance oil.

4. Once the fragrance is added I mix well ensuring all the oil has completely combined with the wax. I then need to let it cool once more before pouring into my moulds, the wax melt is then left to cool and harden for a minimum of an hour before being de-moulded, labelled, packaged and delivered.




Products available on Made in Jersey:



My clamshells are single scented 6 cubed melts, easily snapped for use in any size burner.

Available in various scents such as lime, basil and mandarin, sea breeze and English pear and freesia.

The packaging is made from recycled plastics and is recyclable.

Click here to view products and buy online


Heart boxes


My heart boxes are singular scented and contain 15x heart shaped melts.

The box is plastic free and can be recycled.

Available in various scents such as cherry, jasmine and vanilla.

Click here to view products and buy online

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