Monday 08 August 2022
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NEWS EYE: A Christmas Quiz to end all Christmas Quizzes

NEWS EYE: A Christmas Quiz to end all Christmas Quizzes

Friday 17 December 2021

NEWS EYE: A Christmas Quiz to end all Christmas Quizzes

Friday 17 December 2021

With Christmas around the corner, take part in the News Eye quiz…if you have nothing better to do.

You’d no doubt much prefer to be celebrating with your friends or jetting off on holiday, but - if omicron has put paid to your fun, test your general knowledge for two minutes while the kettle boils.

1. In the famous carol, Good King Wenceslas looked out over what?

a) The Feast of Shane

b) The Feast of Sarah

c) The Progress Party Christmas Lunch

2. Whose ‘Putting Children First’ pledge is universally welcomed without suspicion at Christmas? 

a) Santa Claus

b) King Herod

c) Deputy Scott Wickenden 

3. Which Christmas pantomime tells the story of a misunderstood boy from the country who grows a magic winding route up into the clouds, where he finds a giant palace costing a princely fortune?

a) Cinderella

b) Jack and the Beanstalk

c) Lyndon and the Hospital

4. The ‘Miracle of Christmas’ describes:

a) The Immaculate Conception and Birth of Jesus

b) The Chorus of Angels guiding the shepherds

c) Actually comprehending what Deputy Tadier was saying in this week’s Government Plan debate

5. In the soon-to-be released Home Alone 6, set within the Government’s headquarters in Broad Street, who steals the Chief Minister’s title while he is looking the other way?

a) The Grinch

b) Joe Pesci

c) A pesky unknown intruder


CLICK TO ENLARGE: Who’s the intruder? A still from the new Christmas film, Home Alone 6.

6. What are the names of Santa’s reindeer, who lead him on madcap adventures around the world?

a) Fondo, Lyndy, Susie, Kevy, Youngy, Wicky, Renfy, Marti, Guidey, Russy and Rowley

b) Mezzy, Jezzy, Wardy, Taddy, Higgy, Fergie, Trussy, Inny, Krissie, Crowkrie and Jacko

c) Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph

7. Why did Mary and Joseph find no room at the Inn?

a) Because all Israelites had to take part in a census as the Romans, 2,000 years ago, not only recognised the importance of data but actually collected it

b) Bethlehem had a housing crisis because, amazingly, demand exceeded supply

c) The Inn was still being built in David’s Place

8. On Christmas Morning it is traditional to:

a) Wake up with glee and open your presents

b) Go round to the neighbours to pass on your festive greetings

c) Do a lateral flow test, have a moment of panic when the line closes in on the T, clean down all surfaces three times, cancel your January holiday, and stay in all day 

Answers: d) to all of them.

* Questions compiled by News Eye Party Leader, Colin the Hedgehog

News eye party.jpeg

Warning: May be an attempt at satire…

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